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Volume 20, Issue 2 (2000-2001) Lifting quasifibrations–II. Non-normalizing Baer involutions Abstract   PDF
Vikram Jha, Norman L. Johnson
Volume 16, Issue 1 (1996) Lifting quasifribations Abstract   PDF
Norman L. Johnson
Volume 25, Issue 1 (2006) Lifting the solutions of a Toeplitz type equation; the semigroup case(Error rendering LaTeX formula) Abstract   PDF
Sergio Bermudo, Carmen H. Mancera, Pedro J. Paul
Volume 1, Issue 2 (1981) Limitazioni a priori per una classe di problemi ellittici in domini non limitati Abstract   PDF
Luciana Sgambati, Mario Troisi
Volume 30, Issue 1 (2010) Limiting behaviour of moving average processes under \rho-mixing assumption Abstract   PDF
Rita Giuliano Antonini, Tien-Chung Hu, Andrei Volodin
Volume 28, Issue 2 (2008) Linear natural liftings of forms to Weil bundles with Weil algebras {\mathbb D}^r_k Abstract   PDF
Jacek D¸ebecki
Volume 10, suppl. 1 (1990) Linear transformation of Tauberian type in normed spaces Abstract   PDF
R.W. Cross
Volume 14, Issue 2 (1994) Lipschitz stability of impulsive systems of differential-difference equations Abstract   PDF
D.D. Bainov, I.M. Stamova
Volume 15, Issue 2 (1995) Lipschitz stability of linear impulsive differential-difference equations Abstract   PDF
D.D. Bainov, I.M. Stamova
Volume 11 (1991) Local spaces of distributions Abstract   PDF
John Horváth
Volume 9, Issue 1 (1989) Locally s-regular manifolds and symmetries Abstract   PDF
R.A. Marinosci, L. Vanhecke
Volume 24, Issues 2 (2005) Locally affine geometries of order 2 where shrinkings are affine expansions Abstract   PDF
Antonio Pasini
Volume 19, Issue 1 (1999) Locally Convex Algebras Details   PDF
Karl Heinz Schöder
Volume 7, Issue 1 (1987) Locally determining sequences in infinite dimensional spaces Details   PDF
Josè M. Ansemil, Sean Dineen
Volume 26, Issue 1 (2006) Logical asides on the maximality of a subgroup Details   PDF
Victor Pambuccian
Volume 30, suppl. 1 (2010) L_{10}-free \{p,q\}-groups Abstract   PDF
Roland Schmidt
Volume 25, Issue 2 (2006) Mappings between Banach spaces that preserve convergence of series Abstract   PDF
Mario C. Matos
Volume 28, Issue 2 (2008) Matrix forms for isometries of the affine plane AG(2, q) and of the corresponding Miquelian Mobius plane Abstract   PDF
Sunˇcica Blaˇzev, Vlado Cigi´c
Volume 9, Issue 2 (1989) Maximal partial spreads and central groups Details   PDF
N.L. Johnson
Volume 24, Issue 1 (2005) Maximal visibility and unions of orthogonally starshaped sets Abstract   PDF
Marilyn Breen
Volume 28, Issue 1 (2008) Means via groups and some properties of autodistributive Steiner triple systems Abstract   PDF
Domenico Lenzi
Volume 2, Issue 2 (1982) Metodo della deparametrizzazione applicato a problemi di controllo tipo ritardato Abstract   PDF
Elena Muselli
Volume 8, Issue 1 (1988) Metrizability of affine connections on analytic manifolds Abstract   PDF
Oldrich Kowalski
Volume 20, Issue 1 (2000-2001) Minimal saddle towers with genus two Abstract   PDF
Claudia Cueva Cândido, Maria Elisa Esteves Lopes Galvão
Volume 10, Issue 1 (1990) Minimum covering and maximum matching Abstract   PDF
D. Marcu
Volume 22, Issue 1 (2003) Monochromatic configurations for finite colourings of the plane Abstract   PDF
Sukumar Das Adhikari, Rath Purusottam
Volume 22, Issue 2 (2003) More on \delta-semiopen sets Abstract   PDF
M. Caldas, D.N. Georgiou, S. Jafari, T. Noiri
Volume 27, suppl. 1 (2007) More ubiquitous undetermined games and other results on uncountable length games in Boolean algebras Abstract   PDF
Natasha Dobrinen
Volume 23, Issue 1 (2004) Multiple nests Abstract   PDF
Vikram Jha, Norman L. Johnson
Volume 28, Issue 1 (2008) Multiple solutions for a nonlinear Neumann problem involving Abstract   PDF
Jan Chabrowski
Volume 26, Issue 2 (2006) Multiplicatively closed bases for C (A) Abstract   PDF
George C. Nelson, Tuong Ton That
Volume 8, Issue 1 (1988) Nash Hardy fields in several variables Abstract   PDF
Leonardo Pasini, Carla Marchiò
Volume 17 (1997) Natural norms on symmetric tensor products of normed spaces Abstract   PDF
Klaus Floret
Volume 28, suppl. 1 (2008) Naturally Harmonic Vector Fields Abstract   PDF
G. Calvaruso
Volume 10, Issue 2 (1990) Naturally reductive S-manifolds Abstract   PDF
A.J. Ledger, L. Vanhecke
Volume 27, Issue 1 (2007) Near-embeddings of the affine plane with 9 points into Desarguesian projective and affine planes Abstract   PDF   PS
Günter Pickert
Volume 18, Issue 1 (1998) New structures on tangent bundles Abstract   PDF
Manabu Tahara, Lieven Vanhecke, Yoshiyuki Watanabe
Volume 10, suppl. 1 (1990) Newton\'s observations about the field of a uniform thin spherical shell Abstract   PDF
R. Arens
Volume 12 (1992) Nonclosed sequentially closed subsets of locally convex spaces and applications Abstract   PDF
O.G. Smolyanov
Volume 14, Issue 2 (1994) Non-euclidean plane Bol loops Abstract   PDF
Árpád Szemök
Volume 23, Issue 1 (2004) Nonperiodic product of subsets and Hajós' theorem Abstract   PDF
Sandor Szabò
Volume 7, Issue 2 (1987) Normal sets and their order-automorphisms Abstract   PDF
Inessa Levi
Volume 25, Issue 1 (2006) Norms of tensor product identities Abstract   PDF
Andreas Defant, Carsten Michels
Volume 32, Issue 2 (2012) Note di Matematica. Some Results Concerning to Polar Derivative of Polynomials Abstract   PDF
S. A. Baba, A. Mir
Volume 13, Issue 2 (1993) Note on a problem in graph theory Abstract   PDF
Dãnut Marcu
Volume 10, Issue 1 (1990) Note on planar functions over the reals Abstract   PDF
T. Szönyi
Volume 19, Issue 2 (1999) Note on squarefree integers through a set theoretical property Abstract   PDF
Danut Marcu
Volume 20, Issue 2 (2000-2001) Note on strongly Lie nilpotent rings Abstract   PDF
F. Catino, M. M. Miccoli
Volume 23, Issue 1 (2004) Null Bertrand curves in Minkowski 3-space and their characterizations Abstract   PDF
Handan Balgetir, Mehmet Bektas, Jun-ichi Inoguchi
Volume 28, Issue 1 (2008) Oder-bounded sets in locally solid Riesz spaces Abstract   PDF
Surjit Singh Khurana
Volume 6, Issue 2 (1986) Of finite geometries of type C<sub>3</sub> with thick lines Abstract   PDF
Antonio Pasini
Volume 20, Issue 2 (2000-2001) On a canonical immersion of the A-jet manifolds into a Grassmann bundle Abstract   PDF
Ricardo J. Alonso-Blanco
Volume 1, Issue 2 (1981) On a characterization of simple extensions of topologies Details   PDF
Cosimo Guido
Volume 16, Issue 2 (1996) On a class of algebras Abstract   PDF
Lorena Giacobazzi
Volume 28, Issue 2 (2008) On a class of rational matrices and interpolating polynomials related to the discrete Laplace operator Abstract   PDF
Pierpaolo Vivo, Mario Casartelli, Luca Dall’Asta, Alessandro Vezzani
Volume 10, Issue 2 (1990) On a class of SP-Sasakian manifold Details   PDF
Mileva Prvanovic
Volume 9, Issue 2 (1989) On a class of symmetric designs Abstract   PDF
A. Rahilly
Volume 27, Issue 2 (2007) On a continuum-mechanical theory for turbulence Abstract   PDF
Eliot Fried, Morton Gurtin
Volume 21, Issue 1 (2002) On a functional analytic approach for transition semigroups onL^2(\mu) Abstract   PDF
Abdelaziz Rhandi
Volume 20, Issue 2 (2000-2001) On a generalization of Posthumus graphs Abstract   PDF
Domenico Lenzi
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