Volume 30, Issue 1 (2010)

NdM_vol29_suppl_1_2009 - CoverISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932

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Asymptotic behavior for a nonlocal diffusion problem with Neumann boundary conditions and a reaction term Details     PDF
Nabongo Diabaté, Théodore K. Boni 1-12

The non-existence of desarguesian t-parallelisms, t an odd prime Details     PDF
N.L. Johnson 13-16

Limiting behaviour of moving average processes under \rho-mixing assumption Details     PDF
Rita Giuliano Antonini, Tien-Chung Hu, Andrei Volodin 17-23

On existence of efficient solutions to vector optimization problems in Banach spaces Details     PDF
Peter I. Kogut , Rosanna Manzo , Igor V. Nechay 25-39

A note on some homology spheres which are 2-fold coverings of inequivalent knots Details     PDF
Agnese Ilaria Telloni 41-47

On \Pi g\beta-closed sets in topological spaces Details     PDF
Sanjay Tahiliani 49-55

Common Fixed Point Theorems in Uniform Spaces Details     PDF
Vanita Ben Dhagat 57-60

P-adic Measures and P-adic Spaces of Continuous Functions Details     PDF
A. K. Katsaras 61-85

C-α-Compact Spaces Details     PDF
Mani Agrawal 87-92

Constructive definition of central collineations in projective Desargues planes Details     PDF
Artur Bergmann 93-105

On angular bisectors in normed linear spaces Details     PDF
Horst Martini , Senlin Wu 107-110

On Norden-Walker 4-manifolds Details     PDF
Arif A. Salimov, Murat Iscan 111-128

Symmetries of linear programs Details     PDF
Richard Bödi , Theo Grundhöfer , Katrin Herr 129-132

Primes modulo which almost all Fermat numbers are primitive roots Details     PDF
Amin Witno 133-140

Rigidity of Iwasawa nilpotent Lie groups via Tanaka’s theory Details     PDF
Alessandro Ottazzi , Ben Warhurst 141-146

Characterization of idempotent 2-copulas Details     PDF
William F. Darsow, Elwood T. Olsen 147-177

Corrigendum to "On a continuum-mechanical theory for turbulence" Details     PDF
Eliot Fried , Morton E. Gurtin 179

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