Volume 21, Issue 1 (2002)

NdM_vol21_n1_2002 - Cover ISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932 

An Eightfold Littlewood-Richardson Theorem Details     PDF
Manfred Schocker 1-34

On a Generalization of Wyler’s Construction of Topological Projective Planes Details     PDF
Erwin Schörner 35-48

Homogeneous Manifolds in Codimension Two Revisited Details     PDF
Helvecio Pereira De Castro, Maria Helena Noronha 49-57

Riemannian manifolds structured by a T-parallel exterior recurrent connection Details     PDF
Filip Defever, Radu Rosca 59-70

On simultaneous approximation Details     PDF
Yusuf Karakus 71-76

The residually weakly primitive geometries of J_2 Details     PDF
Dimitri Leemans 77-81

Coercivity properties for monotone functionals Details     PDF
V. V. Motreanu, M. Turinici 83-91

On a functional analytic approach for transition semigroups onL^2(\mu) Details     PDF
Abdelaziz Rhandi 93-106

Derivable pseudo-nets Details     PDF
A. Blunck, N.L. Johnson 107-112

Generalizations of Fibonacci and Lucas sequences Details     PDF
Nihal Yilmaz Özgür 113-125

Real parallelisms Details     PDF
Norman L. Johnson, Rolando Pomareda 127-135

Dual parallelisms Details     PDF
Norman L. Johnson 137-150

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e-ISSN: 1590-0932