Volume 28, Issue 2 (2008)

NdM_vol28_n1_2008 - CoverISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932 

On a class of rational matrices and interpolating polynomials related to the discrete Laplace operator Details     PDF
Pierpaolo Vivo, Mario Casartelli, Luca Dall’Asta, Alessandro Vezzani 1-18

Poisson-Gradient Dynamical Systems with Bounded Non-Linearity Details     PDF
Constantin Udriste, Iulian Duca 19-32

Brezis-Browder Principle Revisited Details     PDF
Mihai Turinici 33-42

On curvatures of ruled surfaces in Minkowski 3-spaces Details     PDF
Won Yoon, Joon Park 43-57

Upper semicontinuity of the spectrum function and automatic continuity in topological Q-algebras Details     PDF
Taher G. Honary, M. Najafi Tavani 58-62

Non-existence of non-trivial generic warped product in Kaehler manifolds Details     PDF
Falleh R. Al-Solamy, Viqar Khan 63-68

Fano Configurations in Subregular Planes Details     PDF
J. Chris Fisher, Norman L. Johnson 69-98

Linear natural liftings of forms to Weil bundles with Weil algebras {\mathbb D}^r_k Details     PDF
Jacek D¸ebecki 99-106

On rarely \delta s-continuous functions Details     PDF
M. Caldas, S. Jafari, S.P. Moshokoa, T. Noiri 107-116

Low codimension Fano–Enriques threefolds Details     PDF
Jorge Caravantes 117-148

Transitive Subgeometry Partitions Details     PDF
Norman L. Johnson, Minerva Cordero 149-152

Best Simultaneous L^p Approximation in the "Sum" Norm Details     PDF
H´ector H. Cuenya, Claudia N. Rodriguez 153-162

Invariance of time varying order intervals for linear systems and delay equations Details     PDF
Said Boulite, Hammadi Bouslous, Lahcen Maniar 163-174

Matrix forms for isometries of the affine plane AG(2, q) and of the corresponding Miquelian Mobius plane Details     PDF
Sunˇcica Blaˇzev, Vlado Cigi´c 175-186

Canonical decompositions induced by A-contractions Details     PDF
Laurian Suciu 187-202

Uniqueness of the 2-universality Criterion Details     PDF
Scott Kominers 203-206

Conformally recurrent ( \kappa,\mu)-contact manifolds Details     PDF
Amalendu Ghosh 207-212

Index Details     PDF

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