Volume 47 (2022) - Special Issue

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The Languages and Anti-Languages of Health Communication in the Age of Conspiracy Theories, Mis/Disinformation and Hate Speech Details     PDF
Massimiliano Demata, Natalia Knoblock, Marianna Lya Zummo 1-396

Title Page Details     PDF

Table of Contents Details     PDF

Introduction Details     PDF
Massimiliano Demata, Natalia Knoblock, Marianna Lya Zummo 5-12

Dramatising Crisis. Rhetorical Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic by Right-Wing Populist Leaders in the USA and UK Details     PDF
Maria Ivana Lorenzetti 13-45

Anti-vaccination Conspiracy Theories and Theorists: Analysis of a Corpus of Offline and Online Argumentative Texts in the Guardian and the Daily Mail Details     PDF
Carlotta Fiammenghi 47-68

Science-related Populism and Social Actors in Martin Geddes’ Early Representations of COVID-19. A Case Study Details     PDF
Anna Anselmo 69-86

“Don’t Mask the Truth”. Analyzing Anti-Mask Discourses Advanced by a ‘Trusted Expert’ and Activists Acting On- and Offline Details     PDF
Jacqueline Aiello 87-113

Discourses of Public Health-related Controversies. A Comparison between the Conspiracist Video Plandemic and the VIOXX Medical Scandal Details     PDF
Virginia Zorzi 115-143

Institutional Communication Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic. A Critical Discourse Analysis of WHO Director-General’s Speeches Details     PDF
Stefania D'Avanzo 145-157

Rumor has it. The COVID-19 Infodemic as the Repository of Conspiracy Details     PDF
Margaret Rasulo 159-190

A Mixed-method Corpus Approach to the COVID-19 Vaccination Debate Details     PDF
Claudia Roberta Combei 191-223

The Racist Pandemic. A Semantico-Pragmatic Study of Anti-Asian Overtones in COVID-19-related Twitter Discourse Details     PDF
Ewelina Prazmo, Rafal Augustyn 225-243

Pour une relecture de la querelle du XVIIIe siècle sur l’inoculation. Analyse des procédés discursifs utilisés par Diderot Details     PDF
Nataša Raschi 245-258

Unhealthy COVID-19 Communication: A Morphosynctactic Analysis of German AfD Party’s Counter- discourse Details     PDF
Sabrina Bertollo 259-295

Frames Featuring in Epidemiological Crisis Communication. A Frame-Semantic Analysis of Pandemic Crisis Communication in Multilingual Belgium Details     PDF
Vince Liégeois, Jolien Mathysen 297-329

Tackling Online Disinformation. The Construction of ‘Trustworthiness’ and ‘Best Practices’ in the European Commission Discourse on COVID-19 Details     PDF
Giulia Adriana Pennisi 331-360

COVID-19 and the Global Health Threat of “V accine Hesitancy”. Analyzing anti-vax Discourses in Brazilian Portuguese and in German on Twitter Details     PDF
Bernadette Hofer-Bonfim, Litiane Barbosa Macedo 361-394

Colophone Details     PDF

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