Volume 40, Issue 1 (2020)

Title page Details     PDF

Generalization of certain well-known inequalities for rational functions Details     PDF
M. Bidkham, T. Shahmansouri 1-12

A new subclass of meromorphic functions with positive coefficients defined by Bessel function Details     PDF
B. Venkateswarlu, P.T. Reddy, Chao Meng, R.M. Shilpa 13-26

On Fejér Type Inequalities For Products Two Convex Functions Details     PDF
H. Budak, Y. Bakiş 27-44

On generalization of two theorems pertaining to integrability of cosine and sine trigonometric series Details     PDF
X.Z. Krasniqi 45-56

Positive Solutions of singular semilinear elliptic equation in bounded NTA- Domains Details     PDF
M.A. Ben Boubaker 57-72

On rings and Banach algebras with skew derivations Details     PDF
N. Rehman 73-80

Cones in \mathrm{PG}(3, q) Details     PDF
V. Napolitano 81-86

Some results on almost Kenmotsu manifolds Details     PDF
D.M. Naik, V. Venkatesha, H.A. Kumara 87-100

Some properties of the mapping T_{\mu} introduced by a representation in Banach and locally convex spaces Details     PDF
E. Soori, M.R. Omidi, A.P. Farajzadeh 101-114

Frame measures for infinitely many measures Details     PDF
F.Z.Z. Farhadi, M.S. Asgari, M.R. Mardanbeigi 115-128

Index Details     PDF

Colophon Details     PDF

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