Vol. 15, No. 3 (2022). Special issue on: "Investigating Vaccine Controversies during the Covid-19 Pandemic"

Guest editors: Niccolò Bertuzzi, Erica Lagalisse, Elisa Lello, Giampietro Gobo and Barbara Sena


Politics During and After Covid-19: Science, Health and Social Protest Details     PDF
Niccolò Bertuzzi, Erica Lagalisse, Elisa Lello, Giampietro Gobo, Barbara Sena 507-529

Special Issue

The Scientific Controversy on Covid-19 and the Image of Science as an Expert System: Comparing the Debate in Italy and UK Details     PDF
Fabio Lucchini, Michele Marzulli 530-548

The "Green Pass" Controversy in the Italian Twittersphere: a Digital Methods Mapping Details     PDF
Federico Pilati, Andrea Miconi 549-566

Early Home Therapies against Covid-19. An Italian Case of Politicisation of Science? Details     PDF
Enrico Campo, Matteo De Toffoli, Giampietro Gobo, Fabrizio Strata 567-594

Looking at Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy through a macro perspective. A comparative study of Italy, Poland and Portugal Details     PDF
Silvia Cervia, Maja Sawicka, Barbara Sena, Mauro Serapioni 595-613

From Availability to Accessibility. Vaccination Proximity in a Social Clinic in Palermo Details     PDF
Sara Vallerani 614-633

Understanding the Impact of (Anti-)Racism on Covid-19 Vaccine Allocation Decision-Making Details     PDF
Sophie Webb 634-650

Virtuosos of Mimesis and Mimicry: a Case Study of Movements Propagating Conspiracy Theories in Ireland and Poland Details     PDF
Elżbieta Drążkiewicz 651-671

Vaccine hesitancy and refusal during the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy: Individualistic claims or repoliticization? Details     PDF
Elisa Lello, Niccolò Bertuzzi, Marco Pedroni, Luca Raffini 672-696

Free choice in the making: Vaccine-related activism as an alternative form of citizenship during the Covid-19 pandemic. Details     PDF
Barbara Morsello, Paolo Giardullo 697-719

Waves in Cycle: The protests against anti-contagion measures and vaccination in Covid-19 times in Italy Details     PDF
Donatella della Porta, Anna Lavizzari 720-740

The Anti-Restrictions Movement and the Populist Counterpublics in Denmark Details     PDF
Óscar García Agustín, Anita Nissen 741-760

The technocratic reason in the government of emergency. A theoretical analysis on the management of the Covid-19 epidemic Details     PDF
Emilio Gardini 761-778

The Conspiracy Theory/Vaccine Hesitancy nexus as rhetorical boundary work. A critical analysis of the production of scientific ignorance in literature reviews Details     PDF
Nicola Stocco 779-799

Open Section

From Loopholes to Deinstitutionalization: The Platform Economy and the Undermining of Labor and Social Security Institutions Details     PDF
Fabian Beckmann, Fabian Hoose 800-826

We Must Draw a Different Future! Insights from the Frontline Anti-Violence Work During the Pandemic in Italy Details     PDF
Pietro Demurtas, Caterina Peroni 827-845

The Macerata Shooting: Digital Movements of Opinion in the Hybrid Media System Details     PDF
Guido Anselmi, Marcello Maneri, Fabio Quassoli 846-864

Towards the Formation of Genuine European Parties? Examining and Comparing the Cases of DiEM25 and Volt Europa Details     PDF
Panos Panayotu, Giorgos Katsambekis 865-884

University-Industry Relations in the Oil and Gas Sector in Russia Details     PDF
Marco Cilento, Alessandro Tinti 885-897

Teaching Italian and Reconfiguring Citizenship: The Case of Language Volunteers in Migrant Education Details     PDF
Maurizio Artero 898-915

Unemployment and Social Participation: The Joint Role of Individual and Contextual Unemployment in Europe Details     PDF
Leo Azzollini 916-955


Movements and Parties: An Introduction Details     PDF
Manuela Caiani 956-961

Movements and Parties by Sidney Tarrow Details     PDF
Daniela R. Piccio 962-966

Notes on Sidney Tarrow's Movements and Parties Details     PDF
Donatella della Porta 967-969

Movements and Parties: Beyond Contentious Performances Details     PDF
Rebecca Neaera Abers, Débora Cristina Rezende de Almeida, Marisa von Bülow 970-976

Overcoming Movement Centrism Details     PDF
Dieter Rucht 977-982

Sidney Tarrow Breaches Boundaries Details     PDF
Mona El-Ghobashy 983-987

Movements, Parties, and Hybrids Details     PDF
Santiago Anria 988-992

From Parties to Movements: Studying the Radical Right with Sidney Tarrow Details     PDF
Michael Minkenberg 993-997

Understanding the Birth, Quality and Collapse of Democratic Regimes through Movement-Party Interactions Details     PDF
Lorenzo Mosca 998-1007

Book Reviews

Gary Alan Fine, The Hinge. Civil Society, Group Cultures and the Power of Local Commitments. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2021. Details     PDF
Sebastiano Citroni 1008-1018

Nicolas Duvoux and Nadége Vezinat (eds) (2022). La santé sociale, Paris: Puf. Details     PDF
Sara Vallerani 1019-1027

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