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Partecipazione e Conflitto [Participation and Conflict] is an International Journal based in Italy specialized in social and political studies.

PACO houses research and studies on the transformations of politics and its key players (political parties, interest groups, social movements, associations, unions, etc.), focusing in particular on the dynamics of participation both by individuals acting in conventional ways, and by those who prefer protest-oriented repertoires of action.

Special attention is also paid to the dynamics of transformation of contemporary political systems, with an eye fixed on the processes of democratization besides on the spaces opening to the new forms of governance both at local and sub-national, and supra-national level.

All are inscribed in that complex phenomenon represented by the trans-nationalization of social, political and economic processes, without neglecting the nation-state dimension.

The journal emphasizes innovative studies and research of high methodological rigor, treasuring of the most recent theoretical and empirical contributions in social and political sciences.

The NEW SERIES of PARTECIPAZIONE E CONFLITTO starts in 2014. Every issue is published in English, available in electronic and open access version. Anyhow in the Archives section it is possible to consult the contents of all issues published since 2008 accessing abstracts and previews of every article from the webpage of the Old Publisher. By clicking the following link you can read some more information about Our History.




  • The Journal is published in three issues for year (March, July, and November).
  • PACO is rated CLASS A by the Italian Academic Research Evaluation Agency (Anvur) for the area 14 (Sociology and Political Science).
  • After a rigorous double blind peer review process, publication in PACO is free of charge
  • Access to the journal is free but REGISTRATION on the website allows to receive every news from PACO







CALL FOR PAPERS, PACO 14(1 bis): 2021

“The value of the city. Rent extraction, housing and conflicts for the use of urban space”  
Posted: 2020-04-14 More...

CFP COVID-19 _ PACO 14(1): 2021



Posted: 2020-04-05 More...



Bridging Social Movement Studies between Global North and South

Posted: 2020-04-05 More...

OBITUARY - Gigi Bulsei has left us

In his research he has always analysed the reltion between modes of production, public health and collective action  
Posted: 2020-03-24 More...



“Revolution and counterrevolution in the Middle East and North Africa”

Posted: 2020-03-02 More...
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Vol. 13, No. 1 (2020). Special Issue on:“The Cultural Side of Populism” & “Rethinking Money, Rebuilding Community”

SPECIAL ISSUE/1: “"The Cultural Side of Populism: Politics, Emotions, Music and Subcultures in Populist Times”

Guest Editors: Manuela Caiani and Enrico Padoan

SPECIAL ISSUE/2: “Rethinking Money, Rebuilding Communities”

Guest Editors: Marco Fama, Riccardo Orzi, and Stefano Lucarelli


Setting the scene: Filling the Gaps in Populism Studies Details     PDF
Manuela Caiani, Enrico Padoan 1-28

Special Issue/1

The Socio-Cultural, Relational Approach to Populism Details     PDF
Pierre Ostiguy 29-58

Major Directions in Populism Studies: Is There Room for Culture? Details     PDF
Paris Aslanidis 59-82

Who Thinks, Feels. The Relationship Between Emotions, Politics and Populism Details     PDF
Donatella Bonansinga 83-106

Excluding Emotions: The Performative Function of Populism Details     PDF
Emmy Eklundh 107-131

Populism, Music and the Media. The Sanremo Festival and the Circulation of Populist Discourses Details     PDF
Paolo Magaudda 132-153

Misleading Memes. The Effects of Deceptive Visuals of the British National Party Details     PDF
Ofra Klein 154-179

Populism and Pop Cultures: Podemos, the Political Use of Music and the Party as a 'Pop Product' Details     PDF
Loris Caruso 180-206

The Long Evolution of Extreme Right Music in Italy and Germany Details     PDF
Giorgia Bulli 207-231

Voicing Change. The Popular Subject of Protest Music in Revolutionary Cairo (2011-2013) Details     PDF
Valeria Dessì 232-255

Populism as Symbolic Class Struggle. Homology, Metaphor, and English Ale Details     PDF
Linus Westheuser 256-283

Feminism Goes Mainstream? Feminist Themes in Mainstream Popular Music in Sweden and Denmark Details     PDF
Francesca Feo, Måns Robert Lundstedt 284-314

Visual Analysis and Right Wing (Populist) Groups Details     PDF
Angela Adami 315-336


Rethinking Money, Rebuilding Communities: A Multidimensional Analysis of Crypto and Complementary Currencies Details     PDF
Marco Fama, Stefano Lucarelli, Ricardo Orzi 337-359

Special Issue/2

Geopolitics of Monetary Innovation in the Longue Durée. Financialization, Digitalization and the Crisis of the Global Hegemony Details     PDF
Carmelo Buscema 360-383

The Cybernetic Ethos of Cryptocurrencies: Economic and Social Dimensions Details     PDF
Luigi Doria 384-408

The Nature of Money in a Clearing System. From Liquidity to Liquidness Details     PDF
Massimo Amato 409-437

Money as a Tool for Collective Action Details     PDF
Giacomo Bazzani 438-461

Complementary Currencies as a Socio-Technical Innovation. Evidence from a local clearing union in Italy Details     PDF
Marco Fama, Elena Musolino 462-486

The Social Life of Sardex and Liberex: Kin or Acquaintances? A Comparison Between Two Mutual Credit Circuits in Italy Details     PDF
Laura Sartori 487-513

The Flexible Institutionalization Process of Puma Currency in Seville, Spain Details     PDF
Georgina M. Gómez, Cristina Medina Prado 514-539

Establishing, or Failing? That Is the (Puzzling) Question. An Attempt to Introduce a Complementary Currency Details     PDF
Joselle Dagnes, Luca Storti 540-563

Bashkir Wörgl: Succesfsful Farm Rescue. Implementing Gesell Money in the Shaimurat Farm, Russia Details     PDF
Vladim E. Ljovkin, Anastasia O. Ljovkina 564-585

Open Section

What Happens in-between Mobilizations? Building and Organizing Contentious Politics at the University of Tehran (2007-2017) Details     PDF
Paola Rivetti 586-606

Pro-Refugee Activism in Greece: The imaginary grounds of a real dynamic Details     PDF
Anastassia Tsoukala 607-632

Policy Framing and Party Competition: The Italian Political Debate on Local Public Services since the Economic Crisis Details     PDF
Valeria Tarditi 633-664

Locating Millennial Feminism Beyond the Western Context: The Iranian Case Details     PDF
Rassa Ghaffari, Elisabetta Ruspini 665-690

An "Ecosystem of Entrepreneurialisation"? An interpretative approach to the transformation of the third Sector Details     PDF
Edoardo Esposto, Cecilia Ficcadenti 691-718

From Political Radicalness to Citizen Participation? Current Reconfigurations of the Breton movement. Details     PDF
Jeanne Toutous 719-739

The Making of Counter-Internationalism. Political Violence, Strikebreaking and the Yellow Movement in Pre-1914 Europe Details     PDF
Romain Bonnet 740-771

Silencing Citizen Protest: Local Environmental Resistance in the Land of Fires Details     PDF
Francesca Scafuto, Michael R. Edelstein 772-806


Book Symposium/ Everyday Europe: Social transnationalism in an unsettled continent Details     PDF
Alberta Giorgi, Luca Raffini 807-816

Inequality and Social Transnationalism: A Relationship to Work On Details     PDF
Alberta Andreotti 817-829

Who Belongs to Europe? Notes on the (Lack of) Inclusiveness of Research on Social Transnationalism Details     PDF
Christine Barwick 830-841

Everyday Europe: Immigration, Transnational Mobility and the "Wicked Problem" of Brexit Details     PDF
Russel King 842-863

The Paradox of Everyday Europe: The Crisis of the European Project in the Context of Widespread Transnationalism Details     PDF
Gemma Scalise 864-873

Eschewing the Tedious Terrain of Looking for European identity Without Avoiding the Political Details     PDF
Virginie Van Ingelgom, Luis Vila-Henninger 874-882

Everyday Europe and Tomorrow's Europe: Is There a Future for Social Transnationalism? A Response to Readers Details     PDF
Adrian Favell, Ettore Recchi 883-895

Review Essays

Two Variants of the Digital Party: The Platform Party and the Networked Party Details     PDF
Marco Deseriis 896-917

Book Reviews

Michele Sorice, Partecipazione democratica. Teorie e problemi [Democratic Participation. Theories and Problems], Mondadori, Milano, 2019, ISBN 978-88-6184-706-4, pp. 162. Details     PDF
Andrea Grippo 918-929

Jeffrey Lane, Digital Street, Oxford University Press, New York, 2019, ISBN 9780199381265, pp. 256. Details     PDF
Niccolò Morelli 930-942

Joo Y. M., (2018), Megacity Seoul: Urbanization and the De-velopment of Modern South Korea, Routledge Details     PDF
Francesco Palmia 943-953

Marco Giugni, Maria T. Grasso, (2019), Street Citizens. Protest Politics and Social Movement Activism in the Age of Globalization, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Details     PDF
Gaetano Inglese 954-969

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