Volume 31, Issue 1 (2011)

Editorial Details     PDF

On the global and Gevrey hypoellipticity on the torus of some classes of degenerate elliptic operators Details     PDF
Angela A. Albanese 1-14

On a class of positive C_{0}-semigroups of operators on weighted continuous function spaces Details     PDF
Francesco Altomare, Sabina Milella, Graziana Musceo 15-28

Spaces of Moscatelli type. A survey Details     PDF
José Bonet, Carmen Fernandez 29-42

Behavior of bivariate interpolation operators at points of discontinuity of the first kind Details     PDF
Michele Campiti, Giusy Mazzone, Cristian Tacelli 43-66

About Poincaré Inequalities for Functions Lacking Summability Details     PDF
Michele Carriero, Antonio Leaci, Franco Tomarelli 67-86

Bohr’s radii and strips – a microscopic and a macroscopic view Details     PDF
Andreas Defant, Ursula Schwarting 87-102

Analytic semigroups generated in L^p by elliptic operators with high order degeneracy at the boundary Details     PDF
Simona Fornaro, Giorgio Metafune, Diego Pallara 103-116

Possible a priori motivations for the use of Hilbert spaces in Quantum Mechanics Details     PDF
Carlo Franchetti 117-128

Weak^* closures and derived sets in dual Banach spaces Details     PDF
Mikhail I. Ostrovskii 129-138

On the domain of a Fleming--Viot-type operator on an L^p-space with invariant measure Details     PDF
Delio Mugnolo, Abdelaziz Rhandi 139-148

Ideal properties and integral extension of convolution operators on L^\infty (G) Details     PDF
S. Okada, W.J. Ricker 149-172

Time-Frequency Analysis: Function Spaces and Applications Details     PDF
Elena Cordero, Luigi Rodino 173-190

(LB)-spaces and quasi-reflexivity Details     PDF
Manuel Valdivia 191-200

Index Details     PDF

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