Vol 10, No 1 (2017)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

A comparison study between three different Kernel estimators for the Hazard rate function Details     pdf
Raid B. Salha, Ali J. Rasheed 1 - 13

Short and long-term forecasting using artificial neural networks for stock prices in Palestine: a comparative study Details     pdf
Samir K Safi, Alexander K White 14- 28

Tolerance intervals and confidence intervals for the scale parameter of Pareto-Rayleigh distribution Details     pdf
Suwarna Shivajirao Godase, Digambar Tukaram Shirke, Dattatray Namdev Kashid 29 - 49

Bayesian estimation of the Rayleigh distribution under different loss function Details     pdf
Assia Chadli, Boudjerda Khawla, Meradji Asma, Hocine Fellag 50 - 64

Multivariate time series modeling of monthly rainfall amounts Details     pdf
Esam Mahdi, Serge B. Provost, Raid B. Salha, Imad I. H. Nashwan 65 - 81

Estimating unknown heterogeneity in head and neck cancer survival: a parametric shared frailty approach Details     pdf
Subhradev Sen, Meenu Tom, Geetha M, Satheesan Balasubramanian 82 - 92

Students’ evaluation of teaching at a large Italian university: measurement scale validation Details     pdf
Francesca Bassi, Renata Clerci, Debora Aquario 93 - 117

The Burr XII modified Weibull distribution: model, properties and applications Details     pdf
Precious Mdlongwa, Broderick Oluyede, Alphonse Amey, Shujiao Huang 118 - 145

Dual balance correction in ANOVA repeated measures by missing data Details     pdf
Nina Alexeyeva 146 - 159

Biased power regression: a new biased estimation procedure in linear regression Details     pdf
El Mostafa Qannari, Angélina El Ghaziri 160 - 179

Parameters estimation for GARCH (p,q) model: QL and AQL approaches Details     pdf
Raed Ahmad Alzghool 180 - 193

Tests for smooth-sbrupt changes with applications Details     pdf
Wei Ning, Ying-Ju Chen 194 - 205

The Gamma log-logistic Weibull distribution: model, properties and application Details     pdf
Susan Foya, Broderick O Oluyede, Adeniyi F. Fagbamigbe, Boikanyo Makubate 206 - 241

An efficient gene selection method for high-dimensional microarray data based on sparse logistic regression Details     pdf
Zakariya Algamal 242 - 256

Some Bayes estimators for Pareto Type-II progressive censored data Details     pdf
Gyan Prakash 257 - 270

On the finite mixture of exponential, Rayleigh and Burr Type-XII Distributions: Estimation of Parameters in Bayesian framework Details     pdf
Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Aslam, Zawar Hussain, Nasir Abbas 271 - 293

A Bayesian approach to estimate the reliability P (X > Y ) utilizing an initial guess Details     pdf
Aymen Ibrahim Rawashdeh, Mohammad Obidat 294 - 306

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