Vol 6, No 2 (2013)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Estimation of Parameters of Exponentiated Pareto Distribution for Progressive Type-II Censored Data with Random Removals Scheme Details     pdf
Manoj Kumar 130 - 148

A Marginalized Model for Zero-Inflated, Overdispersed, and Correlated Count Data Details     pdf
Geert Molenberghs, Samuel Iddi 149 - 165

A class of exponential chain ratio-product type estimators with two auxiliary variables under double sampling scheme Details     pdf
B. K. Singh, Sanjib Choudhury, Diganta Kalita 166 - 174

A Comparative Study of Loss Functions for Bayesian Control in Mixture Models Details     pdf
Taha Hasan, Sajid Ali, Muhammad Farid Khan 175 - 185

A method to address the effectiveness of the SIC code for selecting comparable firms Details     pdf
Marco Marozzi 186 - 201

A procedure for the three-mode analysis of compositions Details     pdf
Michele Gallo, Violetta Simonacci 202 - 210

Interpolative and predictive biplots applied to co-inertia analysis Details     pdf
Pietro Amenta 211 - 221

Generalized order statistics from generalized exponential distributions in explicit forms Details     pdf
Samir K Safi, Rehab H. AlSheikh Ahmed 222- 237

Public Opinion about Income Inequality Details     pdf
Gordon Bechtel 238 - 259

Estimating the Five Parameter Lambda Distribution Using Moment Based Methods Details     pdf
Smail Mahdi, Kimberley Cadogan 260 - 279

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