Vol 5, No 3 (2012)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (Special Issue inspired by the Conference "SUNOVA 2012").

Special Issue for papers inspired by the Workshop Statistics with Unobservable Variables (SUNOVA 2012) which was held at Faculty of Economics at University of Brescia (Italy) in May 15, 2012. Guest Editors: Maurizio Carpita and Enrico Ciavolino

Special Issue - SUNOVA2012

Editorial for the special issue on: SUNOVA 2012 Details     PDF
Maurizio Carpita, Enrico Ciavolino 313

Assessing item contribution on unobservable variables’ measures with hierarchical data Details     PDF
Marika Vezzoli, Marica Manisera 314-319

Constructing indicators of unobservable variables from parallel measurements Details     PDF
Maurizio Carpita, Marica Manisera 320-326

Risk profile using PCM and RSM Details     PDF
valeria caviezel, stefano gambirasi, sergio ortobelli lozza 327-332

Inconsistencies of the PLS-PM approach to structural equation models with formative-reflective schemes Details     PDF
Matteo M Pelagatti, Marco Fattore, Giorgio Vittadini 333-338

Permutation test for group comparison in PLS-PATH Modeling Details     PDF
Anna Crisci, Antonello D'Ambra 339-345

Binomial factor analysis with the MCEM algorithm Details     PDF
Marco Minozzo, Clarissa Ferrari 346-352

Bibliographic data: a different analysis perspective Details     PDF
Francesca De Battisti, Silvia Salini 353-359

Comparison of two bias reduction techniques for the Rasch model Details     PDF
Lucio Bertoli Barsotti, Antonio Punzo 360-366

Differential Item Functioning classification for polytomously scored items Details     PDF
Silvia Golia 367-373

Sudden infant death syndrome: knowledge of its risk factors among Italian healthcare professionals Details     PDF
Giovanna Boccuzzo, Federico De Luca 374-380

The effects of school-based management and standards-based accountability on student achievement: evidence from PISA 2006 Details     PDF
Ida Camminatiello, Angelo Paletta, Maria Teresa Speziale 381-386

Longitudinal Rasch model for self assessment of side effects in chemotherapy cycles Details     PDF
Laura Pagani, Maria Chiara Zanarotti 387-392

The measurement of students performance. The use of an extended Rasch model for the analysis of predictors of high educational performance Details     PDF
Piergiorgio Mossi, Claudia Venuleo, Paola Tondo, Sergio Salvatore 393-399

CoDa in three-way arrays and relative sample spaces Details     PDF
Michele Gallo 400-405

Students' evaluations of university teaching: a structural equation modeling analysis Details     PDF
Pasquale Sarnacchiaro, Luigi D'Ambra 406-412

Bootstrap confidence regions in non-symmetrical correspondence analysis Details     PDF
Rosaria Lombardo, Trevor Ringrose 413-417

A statistical approach to evaluate the effects of obesity on healthcare expenditure Details     PDF
Mancini Paola, Giuseppe Marotta, Concetta Nazzaro, Biagio Simonetti 418-424

Measuring financial literacy among students: an application of Rasch analysis Details     PDF
Paola Bongini, Paolo Trivellato, Mariangela Zenga 425-430

Missing data and parameters estimates in multidimensional item response models Details     PDF
Federico Andreis, Pier Alda Ferrari 431-437

Dissimilarity profile analysis: a case study from Italian universities Details     PDF
Nadia Solaro 438-444

Financial and Real Latent factors in Forecasting Economic Time Series Details     PDF
Antonio Frenda, Sergio Scippacercola, Luigi D'Ambra 445-451

Formative and reflective models: state of the art Details     PDF
Anna Simonetto 452-457

General distress as second order latent variable estimated through PLS-PM approach Details     PDF
Enrico Ciavolino 458-464

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