Volume 1, Issue 1 (2007)

Reports & Articles

Editorial Details     PDF
A. Basset, G. C. Carrada 1-2

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Transitional Waters; the point of view of a microbial ecologist Details     PDF
R. De Wit 3-16

Phytoplankton production and community respiration in different zones of the Curonian lagoon during the midsummer vegetation period Details     PDF
A. Krevs, J. Koreiviene, R. Paskauskas, R. Sulijiene 17-26

Long-term changes in diatom communities of phytoplankton and the surface sediments in the Curonian Lagoon (Lithuanian part) Details     PDF
J. Kasperovièienë, G. Vaikutienë 27-37

Spring-summer transition in the Curonian lagoon (SE Baltic Sea) phytoplankton community Details     PDF
R. Pilkaitytë 39-47

Environmental heterogeneity and benthic macroinvertebrate guilds in italian lagoons Details     PDF
A. Basset, N. Galuppo, L. Sabetta 48-63

Dynamics of invertebrate communities on the stony littoral of the Neva Estuary (Baltic Sea) under macroalgal blooms and bioinvasions Details     PDF
N. A. Berezina, I. G. Tsiplenkina, E. S. Pankova, J. I. Gubelit 65-76

Eleven years monitoring of Lesina lagoon (South Italy) using a biotic index (Λ) Details     PDF
P. Breber, L. Cilenti, T. Scirocco 77-82

Integrated socioeconomic responsibility for the sustainable use of European lagoons Details     PDF
E. Vitkienë 83-92

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