Integrated socioeconomic responsibility for the sustainable use of European lagoons


1 - Due to impending changes coming from the integration into the EU Regional Environmental Policy, the restoration and conservation of European lagoons coastal habitats and its relation to the development of the recreation and tourism business is likely to become a major area of research in the future. In accordance with the priorities of the EU Regional Policy and the Environmental Action Programme, sustainable management practices will have to be implemented in managing the coastline of EU, European lagoons. The results indicate that integrating the EU coastal zone management process into the larger EU Regional Policy Programmes must be connected so that recreation and tourism, lagoons environmental restoration and development in European coastal habitats can be balanced sustain ably. 2 - In order to integrate socioeconomic responsibility into the management of coastal areas within the European economic integration, it is necessary to formulate their integrated responsibility conception. As empirical and practical evidence suggests, the bulk of ideas in model integrated socioeconomic responsibility into the coastal, lagoons management strategies and development perspectives after the accession of the new EU members. 3 - It is necessary to analyze problems and potential solutions in balancing habitat restoration, recreation and tourism development in the European coastal habitats. Additionally, there is a need to examine propositions of socioeconomic responsibility. Thirdly, environmental issues in the European Regional Policy must be projected. Lastly, there is a need to prepare a model of study to solve these problems in future.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825226Xv1n1p83

Keywords: ethical responsibility; situational ethic algorithm; EU Regional environmental policy; model integrated socioeconomic responsibility

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