Volume 6, Issue 2 (2012)

Reports & Articles

Ecosystem functioning and the legacy of MarBEF Details     PDF
J. Bremner 1-3

Metacommunity modelling, a fundamental approach for marine biodiversity studies Details     PDF
C. Moritz, J.M. Guarini, J. Coston-Guarini 4-12

Biodiversity and bio-evaluation methods in transitional waters: a theoretical challenge Details     PDF
H. Blanchet, G. Bachelet, X. de Montaudouin, N. Lavesque, A. Grémare 13-19

Genetic vs community diversity patterns of macrobenthic species: preliminary results from the lagoonal ecosystem Details     PDF
K. Vasileiadou, E. Sarropoulou, C. Tsigenopoulos, S. Reizopoulou, A. Nikolaidou, S. Orfanidis, M. Simboura, G. Kotoulas, C. Arvanitidis 20-33

Use and limitations of ecological models Details     PDF
E. Chatzinikolaou 34-41

MANOSS - a manually operated suction sampler for hard bottom benthos Details     PDF
G. Chatzigeorgiou, T. Dailianis, S. Faulwetter, M. Pettas, C. Arvanitidis 42-49

Extending biodiversity theory in the context of Theme 1 of the MarBEF Network of Excellence: final considerations Details     PDF
C. Arvanitidis, A. Basset, H. Hummel 50-52

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