Neoliberalismo e Commons: desiderio, conflitto e politiche di noi stessi


The affirmation of neoliberalism on a global scale has led to significant transformations on how society is governed, with the innovative penetration of an economic rationality in every sphere of society. Such a rationality is anchored to the centrality of the homo œconomicus as a “form of life” extending itself well beyond the strictly economic space. It subsumes the public sphere and the political dimension through the pervasiveness of its governance. Although the commons have been in many respects indicated as the testing field for those political practices that aims to represent an alternative to the logic of the market and the state, the commons are not however completely unrelated to the dangers of being captured by neoliberal enterprise and subjectivation. This article intends to discuss whether the commons could represent a valid starting point for thinking about a new emancipatory dimension of politics as “politics of ourselves”.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXIIn94p108

Keywords: Neoliberalism; Governmentality; Homo œconomicus; Citizenschip; Commons

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