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The texts, in anonymous form, drawn up according to the editorial rules, below, will be examined by two referees, external to the Editors Committee and competent in the different topics covered by the contributions. These will provide the Editors Committee with the elements necessary to assess the correctness and usefulness, pointing out the need for changes or additions to improve the characteristics or highlighting aspects that, if not properly modified, could prevent publication.

The manuscripts should be submitted as .doc or .rtf files, through the journal website and email to In order to guarantee authors real blind peer-review, please follow the Authors' Guidelines carefully, available in the following file: Authors' Guidelines.

When filling in their profiles, the authors are kindly asked to specify a telephone number where they can be traced in case of urgent need for communication. When writing the manuscript and the abstract files, please follow the Authors' Guidelines.

Please notice that Segni e Comprensione is a double-blind peer reviewed scientific journal which follows the ethic statements of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors. All possible measures against any publication malpractice are taken. All parts involved – editors, referees and authors - must know and agree on these ethic principles. (Publication ethics - full version).

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