Vol 13, N. 2 (2020). Special Issue:The strategic role of public sector communication in the framework of open government

Guest Editors: Alessandro Lovari, Lucia D'Ambrosi, Shannon A. Bowen


Re-Connecting Voices. The (New) Strategic Role of Public Sector Communication After the Covid-19 Crisis Details     PDF
Alessandro Lovari, Lucia D'Ambrosi, Shannon A. Bowen 970-989

Special Issue

Public Sector Crises: Realizations from Covid-19 for Crisis Communication Details     PDF
W. Timothy Coombs 990-1001

Intelligences in Strategic Issues Management: Challenging the Mutually Beneficial Relationships Paradigm Details     PDF
Shannon A. Bowen, Robert L. Health 1002-1021

Framing Events of Political Violence within Peace Journalism and Internet User-Generated Comments: Effects on Readers' Emotions and Contemplation of Broader Implications Details     PDF
Marta N. Lukacovic 1022-1041

I Was Just Doing My Job! Evolution, Corruption, and Public Relations in Interviews with Government Whistleblowers Details     PDF
Cary A. Greenwood 1042-1061

Re-Connecting Scholars' Voices: An historical Review of Public Communication in Italy and New Challenges in the Open Government Framework Details     PDF
Gea Ducci, Letizia Materassi, Laura Solito 1062-1084

Institutional Flows of Communication for Young People on Instagram and the Use of Visual Images Details     PDF
Stefania Leone, Miriam Della Mura 1085-1109

Values of Government Public Relations for a Rocky Road to Participatory Democracy: Testing Public Engagement, Empowerment, and Serenity Hypotheses in Public Sector Communication Details     PDF
Myoung-Gi Chon, Hyelim Lee, Jeong-Nam Kim 1110-1131

Civic Collaboration and Urban Commons. Citizen's Voices on a Public Engagement Experience in an Italian City Details     PDF
Roberta Bartoletti, Franca Faccioli 1132-1151

Public Communication and the Barriers to Participation: The Case of Rome from an Open Government Perspective Details     PDF
Emiliana De Blasio, Cecilia Colasanti, Donatella Selva 1152-1167

Research Notes

(Smart) City and the (Open) Data. A Critical Approach to a Platform-driven Urban Citizenship Details     PDF
Alberto Marinelli, Stefania Parisi 1168-1179

U.S Audiences' Perceptions of Covid-19 and Conservative News Frames Details     PDF
T. Makana Chock, Se Jung Kim 1180-1189

Open Section

Policing the 'Anti-Social' Tourist. Mass Tourism and 'Disorderly Behaviors' in Venice, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Details     PDF
Alexander Araya López 1190-1207

Religious Movements to the Rescue in Transit? Exploring the Role of the Church of Pentecost in the Lives of Ghanaian Immigrants in Istanbul Details     PDF
Senyo Dotsey 1208-1225

Book Reviews

Nadia Urbinati (2019) Me the people. How Populism Transforms Democracy. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. Details     PDF
Francesco Maria Scanni 1226-1231

Davide Arcidiacono and Mike Duggan (2019), Sharing Mobilities. Questioning Our Right to the City in the Collaborative Economy, London-New York: Routledge. Details     PDF
Monica Bernardi 1232-1243

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