Volume 40 (2020) - Special Issue

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Specialised Languages and Multimedia. Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Issues Details     PDF
Elena Manca, Francesca Bianchi 1-474

Title page Details     PDF

Table of contents Details     PDF

Introduction Details     PDF
Elena Manca, Francesca Bianchi 5-19

Part 1

Part 1- Popularisation of scientific and technical knowledge Details     PDF

“Tiny new ingredients are a big concern”. The popularization of nanotechonologies in environmental organizations’ and institutions’ publications Details     pdf
Franca Poppi, Annalisa Sezzi 23-43

A corpus-based approach to the analysis of the video abstract. A phase-based model Details     pdf
Francesca Coccetta 45-65

“Health for kids”. Multimodal resources for popularising health knowledge on websites for children Details     pdf
Giuliana Diani 67-93

Knowledge dissemination in the Dinosaur Train animated series. How to popularise palaeontology for pre-school children Details     pdf
Daniela Cesiri 95-115

How to do things without words. Multisemiotic visualization in LEGO vs. IKEA building instructions Details     pdf
Stefania Consonni 117-139

Part 2

Part 2 - Medical Discourse Details     PDF

Knowledge dissemination for social change. A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of an online health information service Details     pdf
Rosita Belinda Maglie, Chiara Abbatantuono 143-163

Digital communication of the International Human Genome Editing Summit. Exploring the multimodal potential of conference presentations Details     pdf
Jekaterina Nikitina 165-185

“Multiple G. S.Ws to the chest. B.P. 90 over 60. Pulse in the 120s. Push 1 of epi!” A preliminary study on the representation of spoken medical English in Grey’s Anatomy Details     pdf
Gianmarco Vignozzi 187-209

Part 3

Part 3 - Tourism Discourse Details     PDF

Specialized and culture-bound knowledge dissemination through spoken tourism discourse: Multimodal strategies in guided tours and documentaries Details     pdf
Veronica Bonsignori, Gloria Cappelli 213-239

A multimodal and cross-cultural analysis of farmhouse holidays websites. A comparison between Italy, Germany and Austria Details     pdf
Davide Palmisano 241-264

Part 4

Part 4 - Business Discourse Details     PDF

How to construct corporate identity and reputation. Is the ‘about us’ page a micro-genre? Details     pdf
Sandra Petroni 267-290

Financial narratives. A multimodal analysis of newspaper articles Details     pdf
Olga Denti 291-312

Part 5

Part 5 - Translation and Multimedia Details     PDF

The translation of legal references in the Italian dubbing of a US TV series. A corpus-based analysis Details     pdf
Annalisa Sandrelli 315-340

Foreign translators as a means of endorsing China English used in China’s official political texts. A case of the English translation of Xi Jinping’s report to the 19th CPC national congress Details     pdf
Pin-ling Chang 341-359

Accents and stereotypes in animated films. The case of Zootopia (2016) Details     pdf
Luca Valleriani 361-378

Developing awareness of interference errors in translation. An English-Spanish pilot study in popular science and audiovisual transcripts Details     pdf
Rosa Rabadán, Camino Gutiérrez-Lanza 379-404

Part 6

Part 6 - Specialised Discourse in the Teaching and Learning Practice Details     PDF

The learning dialogue of university language students in a digital environment for online text annotations Details     pdf
Maria Bortoluzzi, Ilaria Boato, Giorgia Salvador, Ivana Marenzi 407-431

The MWSWeb Project: Accessing medical discourse in video hosting websites Details     pdf
Anthony Baldry, Deirdre Kantz, Anna Loiacono, Ivana Marenzi, Davide Taibi, Francesca Tursi 433-472

Colophon Details     PDF

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