Vol 9, No 1 (2023)

Special Issue: Governments Expand, Parliaments Go Virtual: The Impact of the Pandemic on Political Institutions

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Full Version Vol 9 no 1 Details     pdf

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Special Issue

Virtual Parliament in Italy: if not now, when? The debate about a virtual Parliament during the pandemic emergency Details     pdf
Enrico Borghetto 5-19

Going Virtual? Analysing the Digitization of Parliamentary Work during the Covid-19 Pandemic from a Comparative Perspective Details     pdf
Federico Russo, Martina Chironi 21-41

Executive Power and Accountability in Italy and the Government’s Response to Covid-19 Details     pdf
Francesco Bromo, Paolo Gambacciani, Marco Improta 43-64

The Italian Government in Pandemic Times: Between Centralized Decision-Making and Coalitional Compromises Details     pdf
Michelangelo Vercesi 65-82

“Quarantine” of Polish Constitutional Standards in the Era of Covid-19 Details     pdf
Maciej Serowaniec 83-91

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