Vol 5, No 2 (2019)

International order and the reconfiguration of power: dynamics of change in the political economy of Russia and China

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271 and 570

Index Details     pdf

Special Issue

Introduction - International Order and the Reconfiguration of Power: Dynamics of Change in the Political Economy of Russia and China Details     pdf
Rosa Mulè 277-284

Gendering the Costs of the Political Economy Transition in Russia Details     pdf
Rosa Mulè, Olga Dubrovina 285-317

Ups and Downs of NATO-Russia Relations: a Cognitivist Perspective Details     pdf
Nicolo' Fasola, Sonia Lucarelli 319-371

Different in Economics, Coordinated in Politics. Russia and China in the MENA region in the XXI century Details     pdf
Massimiliano Trentin 373-403

Political Economy of the Eurasian Integration Details     pdf
Viachaslau Yarashevich 405-442

Beyond the ‘Win-Win’ Rhetoric: Drivers and Limits of the Sino-Russian Partnership in the Arctic Details     pdf
Andrea Passeri, Antonio Fiori 443-475

Information as a Source of Pressure: Local Government and Information Management in China Details     pdf
Yongshun Cai 477-509

Research Articles

The 2012 Rebellion in North Mali: the MNLA Insurgency, Caught Between the State and the French Intervention Details     pdf
Camillo Casola 511-554

Book Reviews

Putin’s World. Russia against the West and with the Rest, by Angela Stent. New York: Hachette Book Group, 2019, pp. 433 Details     pdf
Gianmarco Hatzikos 555-558

A Wary Embrace: What the China-Russia Relationship Means for the World, by Bobo Lo. London: Penguin, 2017, pp. 224 Details     pdf
Emanuele Nebbia Colomba 559-563

What is Russia up to in the Middle East, by Dmitri Trenin, Cambridge: Polity Press, 2018, pp. 144 Details     pdf
Žilvinas Švedkauskas 565-569

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