EWMOVPEX. 10th European Workshop on Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy - 2003

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The 10th edition of the "European Workshop on Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy", held at the University of Lecce Ecotekne Congress Center, has been organised by the Dept. of Innovation Engineering of the University and by the Lecce Section of the CNR Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM - CNR). Both Institutions have been deeply involved in MOVPE since the last 15 years, with a substantial growth of scientific interests and activities in the last few years. Current researches at Lecce span now through almost all classes of semiconducting compounds and structures for both opto- and micor-electronics and photonics. Lecce could be thus regarded as one of the MOVPE 'poles' of Italy.

One-dimensional assembly of quantum dots and heterostructures Details     PDF
L. Samuelson 1-2

Magnetic Properties of Mn-Doped III-Nitrides Grown by MOCVD Details     PDF
S. M. Bedair 3-6

MOCVD growth of ZnO films Details     PDF
R. Triboulet 7-12

GaAs based lasers for telecommunication Details     PDF
A. Forchel 13-14

InP-based materials for optoelectronic devices: old issues and new challenges for MOVPE” Details     PDF
D. Bertone 15-16

LP-MOVPE growth for high-speed electronic devices on InP Details     PDF
W. Prost 17-22

MOVPE of diluted nitride III/V-compounds Details     PDF
W. Stolz 23-24

Epitaxial growth and device fabrication of GaN based electronic and optoelectronic structures Details     PDF
S. Mueller 25-30

Growth and characterization of high efficiency III-V multi-junction solar cells for terrestrial and space applications Details     PDF
J.M. Olson 31-36

Size and shape controlled GaAs nanowhiskers grown by MOVPE Details     PDF
M. Borgström, T. Mårtensson, M. Karlsson, A. Persson, J. Ohlsson, K. Deppert, W. Seifert, L. Samuelson 37-40

Investigation of GaAs nanowires grown via MOVPE using the Vapour-Liquid-Solid technique Details     PDF
Bhattacharya, R. Banerjee, R. Ratan, S. Kar, M.R. Gokhale, A.P. Shah, J. Bhattacharyya, K.L. Narasimhan, B.M. Arora 41-44

Real-time control of quantum dot laser growth by reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy Details     PDF
U. W. Pohl, I. Kaiander, C. Kaspari, S. Weeke, R. L. Sellin, J.-T. Zettler, D. Bimberg, W. Richter 45-48

Monolayer splitting for InAs/GaAs quantum dots Details     PDF
K. Pötschke, L. Müller-Kirsch, R. Heitz, R.L. Sellin, U.W. Pohl, D. Bimberg, N. Zakharov, P. Werner 49-50

Growth of GaAs and InAs quantum dots by metalorganic sources of hyperthermal energies Details     PDF
M. Ozeki, Y. Shimizu 51-54

MOVPE prepared self-organised InAs/GaAs mono- and multi-layer quantum dot structures: magneto-photoluminescence study of electronic transitions Details     PDF
A. Hospodková, K. Kuldová, J. Oswald, E. Hulicius, J. Pangrác, T. Simecek, I. Vávra 55-58

Alternative-precursor growth of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots for laser applications Details     PDF
R. L. Sellin, I. Kaiander, U. W. Pohl, D. Bimberg 59-60

Spontaneous quantum dot formation due to strain induced phase segregation of GaInAs Details     PDF
M. Borgström, A. Mikkelsen, E. Lundgren, L. Outtara, L. Samuelson, W. Seifert 61-64

Morphological characterization of InGaAs QDs MOCVD-grown in nitrogen atmosphere Details     PDF
V. Tasco, M. A. Signore, C. Pascali, I. Tarantini, A. Passaseo, R. Cingolani 65-66

InAs quantum dots grown on InAlGaAs lattice matched to InP Details     PDF
M. Borgström, M.P. Pires, T. Bryllert, S. Landi, W. Seifert, P.L. Souza 67-70

Dense arrays of semiconductor quantum dots with controlled positions grown in inverted pyramids Details     PDF
E. Pelucchi, S. Watanabe, B. Dwir, K. Leifer, E. Kapon 71-74

Preparation of GaN quantum dots by MOVPE Details     PDF
Takao Nagatomo, Takayuki Nishino, Minoru Abasaki, Ryuhei Inazawa 75-78

Aluminum nanoparticles embedded into GaAs: deposition and epitaxial overgrowth by MOCVD Details     PDF
V. Shashkin, V. Daniltsev, M. Drozdov, Yu. Drozdov, A. Murel, N. Vostokov, S. Rushworth 79-84

MOVPE growth of high-quality ZnO Details     PDF
N. Oleynik, A. Dadgar, D. Forster, F. Bertram, S. Deiter, J. Bläsing, U. Haboeck, A. Diez, A. Hoffmann, M. Seip, A. Greiling, J. Christen, A. Krost 85-86

MOCVD deposition of Zinc Oxide using diethylzinc and n-butanol Details     PDF
D. A. Lamb, S. J. C. Irvine 87-90

Atmospheric pressure MOCVD of highly conductive thin films of CdO Details     PDF
D. M. Ellis, S. J. C. Irvine 91-94

ZnO growth by MOCVD: numerical study Details     PDF
R. Tena-Zaera, J. Zúñiga-Pérez, C. Martínez-Tomás, V. Muñoz-Sanjosé 95-98

Investigation of ZnTe homoepitaxial layers grown by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy on VGF-grown (100)ZnTe:P wafers Details     PDF
M. Traversa, N. Lovergine, P. Prete, K. Yoshino, M. Ozeki, T. Di Luccio, M. Pentimalli, A. Cappello, L. Tapfer, A. M. Mancini 99-102

Nonequilibrium carrier dynamics in MOVPE-grown homoepitaxial ZnTe layers and substrate material Details     PDF
R. Aleksiejunas, T. Malinauskas, M. Sudzius, K. Jarasiunas, N. Lovergine, M. Traversa, P. Prete, A. M. Mancini 103-106

E-beam longitudinal pumped laser on MOVPE-grown hexagonal CdSSe/CdS MQW structure Details     PDF
V. I. Kozlovsky, V. Yu. Bondarev, D. A. Sannikov, P. I. Kuznetsov, V.A. Jitov, G. G. Yakushcheva, L. Yu. Zakharov, K.P. O’Donnell, C. Trager-Cowan 107-110

Doping efficiency of Sb in ZnSe grown by MOVPE Details     PDF
Toshiyuki Ido, Hideo Goto 111-114

MOVPE growth and DLTS study of Mn-doped ZnSe Details     PDF
Toshiyuki Ido, Yuri Sawada, Hideo Goto 115-118

Growth and characterization of Sb-doped Cdx Mn1-x Te grown by MOVPE Details     PDF
Hideo Goto, Takaya Sakuma, Satomi Sawada, Toshiyuki Ido 119-122

Studies on InP:Fe growth in a close-spaced showerhead MOVPE reactor Details     PDF
David Söderström, Gerardo Fornuto, Aurelio Buccieri 153-156

Interlayer formation due to arsine stabilisation during interruptions of MOVPE-growth of InGaP Details     PDF
A. Knauer, P. Krispin, U. Zeimer, H. Kissel, M. Weyers 157-160

Influence of ordered and random part on properties of InGaP alloy grown by MOVPE Details     PDF
J. Novák, S. Hasenöhrl, M. I. Alonso, M. Garriga 161-162

Temperature dependent magnetoresistance characterization of ordered strained InGaP grown by MOVPE Details     PDF
S. Hasenöhrl, J. Betko, M. Morvic, J. Novák, J. Fedor 163-166

Correlation between gas phase and solid composition in Bx Ga1-x As/GaAs epilayers grown by MOVPE Details     PDF
H. Dumont, D. Rutzinger, C. Vincent, J. Dazord, Y. Monteil, F. Alexandre, J. L. Gentner 167-170

Cross-sectional AFM of GaAs-based multilayer heterostructure with thin AlAs marks Details     PDF
V. Shashkin, N. Vostokov, V. Daniltsev, Yu. Drozdov, G. Pakhomov 171-174

Carbon doping of AlGaAs using CBr4 in a nitrogen environment Details     PDF
Alok Rudra, Klaus Leifer, Aicha Hessler, Eli Kapon 175-176

Si- and Zn-doping of lattice matched BxInzGa1-x-zAs- and InxGa1-xNyAs1-y-layers Details     PDF
Gunnar Leibiger, Claudia Krahmer, Volker Gottschalch, Gabriele Benndorf, Volker Riede 177-180

Properties of vanadium-doped GaAs grown by MOVPE Details     PDF
A. Bchetnia, A. Rebey, J. C. Bourgoin, J. Cenogora, JL. Fave, B. Eljani 181-182

Comparison of CBr4 and DTBSi as precursors for p-type doping of GaSb Details     PDF
Z. Kollonitsch, K. Möller, C. Giesen, M. Heuken, F. Willig, T. Hannappel 183-186

Planarised selective regrowth of semi-insulating InP by LP-MOVPE using tertiarybutylchloride Details     PDF
S. Gouraud, D. Franke, E. Gil Lafon, A. Paraskevopoulos 187-190

A multiscale approach to the study of epitaxial film evolution during MOCVD Details     PDF
Alessandro Veneroni, Carlo Cavallotti, Maurizio Masi, Davide Moscatelli, Sergio Carrà 191-194

MOVPE growth studies of Mn-incorporated GaInAs/InP layers Details     PDF
S Hara, M Lampalzer, T. Torunski, K Volz, W Treutmann, W Stolz 195-198

Te co-doping and room temperature ferromagnetism in (MnGa)As-cluster layers by MOVPE Details     PDF
M. Lampalzer, K. Volz, S. Hara, W. Treutmann, S. Nau, T. Torunski, W. Stolz 199-200

Correlation of structure and magnetic properties of MOVPE grown (MnGa)As clusters in GaAs Details     PDF
k. Volz, M. Lampalzer, W. Treutmann, W Stolz 201-202

In-situ monitoring and analysis of GaSb (100) substrate deoxidation Details     PDF
K. Möller, L. Töben, Z. Kollonitsch, Ch. Giesen, M. Heuken, F. Willig, T. Hannappel 203-208

Indium accumulated layer control to sharp InGaAs/(AI)GaAs QW interfaces Details     PDF
A.A. Marmalyuk, A.V Petrovsky, O.I. Govorkov, D.B. Nikitin, A.A. Padalitsa, P.V. Bulaev, I.D. Zalevsky 209-210

Study of the interface properties in InGaP/GaAs multi quantum wells grown by Low-Pressure MOVPE from liquid sources Details     PDF
M. Begotti, M. Longo, R. Magnanini, A. Parisini, L. Tarricone, C. Bocchi, L. Lazzarini, L. Nasi, M. Geddo 211-214

Influence of substrate orientation on AIAs/GaAs distributed Bragg reflectors Details     PDF
V. Tasco, C. Pascali, M.A. Signore, I. Tarantini, A. Passaseo, R. Cingolani 215-218

MOVPE growth of AlGaAs/GaAs and InGaP/GaAs structures on patterned GaAs substrates Details     PDF
R. Kudela, P. Strinchovanec, D. Gregusova, V. Cambel, J. Soltys, S. Hasenhorl, J Novak, I. Kostic, G. Attolini, C. Pelosi 219-222

Experimental study of strain-compensated InGaAs-In(GaAl)As MQW structures for electroabsorption modulator applications Details     PDF
J. Decobert, C. Kazmierski, M. le Pallec, J.G. Provost, P. Pecci 223-226

Lasers with thin strained InAs layers in GaAs electro-optical characterisation and operation at elevated temperatures Details     PDF
A. Mackal, P. Hazdra, E. Hulicius, J. Oswald, J. Pangrác, K. Melichar, A. Hospodková, T. Simecek 227-230

MOVPE growth and properties of [111]A-oriented piezoelectric InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs highly strained quantum well laser structures Details     PDF
Jongseok Kim, Soohaeng Cho, A. Majerfeld, A. Sanz-Hervás, G. Patriarche, B. W. Kim 231-234

Effect of Al-content reduction in (AlGa)As cladding layers of MOVPE grown high-power laser diodes Details     PDF
Andrzej Malag, Anna Kozlowska, Marek Wesolowski 235-238

Comparison of AlGaAs and AlInP cladding layers for red edge-emitting lasers Details     PDF
M. Zorn, H. Wenzel, A. Knigge, U. Zeimer, M. Weyers 239-242

Lateral confinement optimisation of 1300 nm InGaAlAsP/InGaAsP Fabry-Perot lasers Details     PDF
Roberta Campi, J. Berggren, A. Buccieri, P. Gotta, G. Landgren, D. Sarocchi, P. Valenti 243-246

Optimization of highly strained InGaAs quantum wells for 1.3-µm vertical-cavity lasers Details     PDF
P. Sundgren, J. Berggren, M. Hammar 247-250

Surface morphology of active layers for VCSEL application Details     PDF
W. Strupinski, M. Wesolowski, A. Jasik 251-254

InAlGaAs/InP MQW structures grown by MOVPE in nitrogen atmosphere for 1.55 µm VCSELs Details     PDF
A. Mereuta, A. Mircea, A. Rudra, V. Iakovlev, A. Syrbu, G. Suruceanu, C.-A. Berseth, A. Caliman, K. Leifer, E. Kapon 255-260

Growth of strained cubic GaN on GaAs(100) by low-temperature MOVPE Details     PDF
J. Sormunen, J. Toivonen, M. Sopanen, H. Lipsanen 261-262

Growth of Silicon-doped GaN using ditertiarybutylsilane Details     PDF
C. J. Deatcher, C. Liu, M.G. Cheong, I.M. Watson, L. M. Smith, S. Rushworth, A. Widdowson 263-266

The effect of substrate nitridation temperature and buffer design on the quality of GaN epitaxial films Details     PDF
Maria Losurdo, Danilo Giuva, Pio Capezzuto, Gon Namkoong, Alan W. Doolittle, April Brown, Giovanni Bruno 267-270

Study of the interaction of atomic hydrogen with GaN surfaces monitored by spectroscopic ellipsometry Details     PDF
Maria Losurdo, Maria Michela Giangregorio, Danilo Giuva, Pio Capezzuto, Giovanni Bruno 271-274

Modeling and experimental analysis of GaN MOVPE in AIX 200 RF reactor Details     PDF
R.A. Talalaev, E.V. Yakovlev, Yu.N. Makarov, B.S. Yavich, W.N. Wang 275-278

Chemical aspects of the AIII nitride epitaxial growth by MOVPE Details     PDF
Leitner Jindrich, Stejskal Josef, Sofer Zdenek 279-282

On the mechanisms affecting aluminum transport and incorporation efficiency during AlGaN MOVPE Details     PDF
E.V. Yakovlev, R.A. Talalaev, A.N. Vorob’ev, Yu.N. Makarov 283-286

Characterisation of AlGaN epilayers on (0001) sapphire grown by LP-MOVPE Details     PDF
C. McAleese, M.J. Kappers, F.D.G. Rayment, D.M. Graham, P. Dawson, E.J. Thrush, C.J. Humphreys 287-290

The optical and electrical characterization of Si-doped AlGaN Details     PDF
G.R. James, A.W.R. Leitch, F. Omnès, M.C. Wagener 291-294

Dimethylhydrazine: a potential competitor for ammonia for the growth of GaInN structures? Details     PDF
V. Pérez-Solórzano, B. Santic, A. Gröning, M. Jetter, M. Seip, H. Schweizer, F. Scholz 295-298

Compositional studies of InGaN epilayers and magnesium-doped GaN grown by MOVPE, using wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometry Details     PDF
C. J. Deatcher, C. Liu, M.G. Cheong, I.M. Watson, R. W. Martin, L. M. Smith, S. Rushworth, S. Pereira 299-302

A study of In incorporation in InGaN layers grown by atmospheric pressure MOVPE Details     PDF
Matteo Bosi, Roberto Fornari 303-306

Assessment of the short and long range homogeneity of MOVPE-grown InGaN epilayers Details     PDF
R. Fornari, M. Bosi, M. Avella, O. Martinez, J. Jimenez 307-310

Modeling analysis of GaN/InGaN deposition in MOCVD vertical rotating disk reactors Details     PDF
L. Kadinski, V. Merai, A. Parekh, J. Ramer, E. Armour, R. Stall, A. Gurary, A. Galyukov, Yu. Makarov 311-314

Novel three dimensional Ga structures on GaAs (100) substrates obtained by MOVPE Details     PDF
M. Sacilotti, L. Imhoff, S. Bourgeois, C. Dumas, M. Mesnier, C. Josse Courty, Th. Chiaramonte, L. Cardoso, J. Decobert 315-320

Strain studies on GaN-based structures on SiC Details     PDF
A. Ivanov, V. Dumitru, G. Moutchnik, H. Schweizer, F. Scholz 321-324

Strain engineering during MOVPE growth of GaN on Si(111) Details     PDF
A. Dadgar, G. Straßburger, J. Bläsing, T. Riemann, U. Haboeck, P. Veit, O. Contreras, A. Diez, F.A. Ponce, A. Hoffmann, J. Christen, A. Krost 325-326

In-plane strain anisotropy and lattice parameters of GaN films grown on a-plane sapphire by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy Details     PDF
V. Darakchieva, P.P. Paskov, T. Paskova, M. Heuken, B. Monemar 327-330

Reduction of dislocation density and dislocation analysis of MOVPE grown GaN layers Details     PDF
Frank Habel, Matthias Seyboth 331-334

Reduction of threading dislocations density in GaN on sapphire by in-situ SixNy interlayer Details     PDF
K. Pakula, R. Bozek, M. Kowalska, E. Zielinska-Rohozinska, J.M. Baranowski 335-338

Microstructure evolution in MOVPE-grown AlN/GaN superlattices with different periods Details     PDF
E. Valcheva, T. Paskova, G. Radnoczi, L. Hultman, B. Monemar, H. Amano, I. Akasaki 339-342

Reduction of dislocation density using in situ deposited SiNx intermediate layers in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by MOVPE on SiC substrates Details     PDF
S. Miller, H.-J. Lugauer, S. Bader, G. Brüderl, U. Strauss, A. Lell, V. Härle, K. Engl, M. Beer 343-346

Growth and properties of InN/Al2O3 and InN/GaN/Al2O3 studied by in situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and different ex situ techniques Details     PDF
M. Drago, U. W. Pohl, T. Schmidtling, W. Richter 347-350

Electron transport in MOVPE grown InGaN/GaN MQW in moderate magnetic field Details     PDF
B. Arnaudov, T. Paskova, O. Valassiades, S. Evtimova, P. P. Paskov, B. Monemar, M. Heuken 351-354

Growth optimisation of GaInN/GaN MQW RCLED structures. Device performances and reliability Details     PDF
M.A. Di Forte-Poisson, A. Romann, M. Tordjman, R. Aubry, M. Magis, J. Di Persio, P. Maaskant, B. Corbett 355-358

Blue-laser MOVPE structures grown on bulk GaN crystals Details     PDF
P. Prystawko, R. Czernetzki, K. Krowicki, G. Targowski, M. Sarzynski, M. Leszczynski, P. Perlin, T. Suski, P. Wisniewski, I. Grzegory 359-362

Growth of buffer structures for AlGaN/GaN HEMT on silicon substrates Details     PDF
Y. Dikme, H. Kalisch, M. Fieger, H.M. Chern, A. Szymakowski, P. Javorka, M. Marso, N. Kaluza, R.H. Jansen, M. Heuken 363-366

The growth of AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures in large scale Planetary Reactors such as the AIX 2600G3 HT in 8x4 inch configuration Details     PDF
Oliver Schoen, Assadullah Alam, Bernd Schineller, Michael Heuken 367-370

AlGaN/GaN HFET including a thin AlN carrier exclusion layer Details     PDF
R.S. Balmer, D.E.J Soley, K.P. Hilton, K.J. Nash, M.J. Uren, A. Wells, M. Missous, T. Martin 371-374

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