ZnO growth by MOCVD: numerical study


III−V compound device fabrication is facing today challenging issues typically related to high volume manufacturing such as process reliability, process consistency, cost−reduction. Each step of the overall device manufacturing process must be carefully analysed and replicated to obtain reproducible device structures. Purifiers are commonly used in MOVPE processes and are becoming standard equipment in both research and production environments. In most cases implementation of gas purification strategies is enabling to achieve ultimate product purity and process reproducibility by defect and contamination control. In addition, an appropriate gas purification strategy is effective in high value component/chemicals protection (e.g. high purity MO sources), and as an assurance against line contamination due to human error or component failure. Purifier operating conditions can vary noticeably and a knowledge of which parameters can affect ultimate gas purity should be of interest to MOVPE operators to master gas distribution line contamination issues. Expertise on such parameters and their effect is essential to obtain a reliable product and sub−ppb contamination control throughout the purifier's lifetime and not only in spot demonstrations.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883050088p95

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