Vol 12, No 4 (2019)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (Special Issue: Student mobility)

Student mobility, university and post-university choices

Isabella Sulis(a), Mariano Porcu(a), Francesca Giambona(b)

(a)University of Cagliari, Department of Social and Political Sciences, Italy
(b)Department of Statistics, Informatics, Applications “G. Parenti”, Italy

This Special Issue has been promoted within the intensive activities of a network of scholars (composed mainly of statisticians and demographers, but also economists, sociologists and psychologists) that, since 2014, estab- lished a lively collaboration on themes related to students’ mobility choices and university effectiveness in Italy with the aim to share findings, create contacts and promote joint research initiatives. Most of the scholars from the network had access to micro cohort data of the Italian National Student Archive (ANS), thanks to a protocol of understanding that their universities (namely, the University of Cagliari, Florence, Naples Federico II, Palermo, Sassari, Turin) signed with the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education and University Research). This opportunity has allowed the research team to create an ad hoc databases addressed to investigate upon detailed informa- tion on students’ individual choices at national and local level. As a result of this unique collaboration several local and national projects on this topic have been funded, among them, the most relevant is the grant PRIN 2017 From high school to job placement: micro-data life course analysis of uni- versity student mobility and its impact on the Italian North-South divide1, and several initiatives (e.g. workshops, books, seminars, specialized sections in conferences) have been devoted to share data, research questions, meth- ods, main findings and to disseminate results within the scientific community and stakeholder. In this framework this special issue aimed, with an open call, to gather qualified research papers that propose developments of new statistical methods for the analysis of students’ mobility and university ef- fectiveness or give new insights into these topics by using original data and soundly statistical techniques.

Isabella Sulis, Mariano Porcu, Francesca Giambona (Guest Editors of EJASA)

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Special Issue STUDENTS

The role of employability in students during academic experience: a preliminary study through PLS-PM technique Details     pdf
Fulvio Signore, Alessia Catalano, Elisa De Carlo, Andreina Madaro, Emanuela Ingusci 720 - 747

An investigation of mobility of Italian Ph. Doctors Details     pdf
Gabriele Ruiu, Nicoletta Fadda, Alberto Ezza, Massimo Esposito 748 - 773

Student mobility in higher education: Sicilian outflow network and chain migrations Details     pdf
Vincenzo Giuseppe Genova, Michele Tumminello, Marco Enea, Fabio Aiello, Massimo Attanasio 774 - 800

The effect of grading policies on Italian Universities’ attractiveness: A Conditional Multinomial Logit approach Details     pdf
Gabriele Lombardi, Giulio Ghellini 801 - 825

Exploring determinants and trend ofSTEM students internal mobility. Someevidence from Italy Details     pdf
Antonella D'Agostino, Giulio Ghellini, Sergio Longobardi 826 - 845

A mobility analysis of the occupational status of the graduates of the University of Palermo in an economic crisis context Details     pdf
Martina Vittorietti, Ornella Giambalvo, Fabio Aiello 846 - 869

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