Vol 1, No 1 (2008)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis.

Original Paper

Some variations of ranked set sampling Details     PDF
Abdul Aziz Jemain, Amer Al-Omari, Kamarulzaman Ibrahim 1-15

An EPQ model for non-instantaneous deteriorating item in which holding cost varies with time Details     PDF
C. Sugapriya, K. Jeyaraman 16-23

Bayesian approach for robust parameter tracking Details     PDF
Anton Abdulbasah Kamil 24-32

Estimation of Gini-index from continuous distribution based on ranked set sampling Details     PDF
Mohammad M. Al-Talib, Amjad D. Al-Nasser 33-41

The effects of using three kinds of feeding methods on chicks' growth Details     PDF
Ibrahim Al-Rbaai, Dima Al-Rousan 42-55

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