Vol 2, No 1 (2016)

Community Psychology in Global Perspective - Special Issue: Happiness and Social Well-Being

CPGP - Covere-ISSN: 2421-2113

Editor in chief

Terri Mannarini (University of Salento, Italy)

Special Issue Editor

Caterina Arcidiacono and Salvatore Di Martino (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)


Caterina Arcidiacono (University of Naples Federico II, Italy), Anne E. Brodsky (University of Maryland Baltimore County, United States), Terri Mannarini (University of Salento, Italy), Christopher Sonn (Victoria University, Australia)

Assistant Editors

Sara L. Buckingham (University of Maryland Baltimore County, United States), Salvatore Di Martino (University of Naples Federico II, Italy), Amy Quayle (Victoria University, Australia), Alessia Rochira (University of Salento, Italy), Cosimo Talò (University of Salento, Italy)


Happiness and social well-being Details     PDF
Caterina Arcidiacono, Salvatore Di Martino 1-5

A critical analysis of happiness and well-being. Where we stand now, where we need to go Details     PDF
Caterina Arcidiacono, Salvatore Di Martino 6-35

Family relationships: A long-lasting source of well-being Details     PDF
Eugenia Scabini 36-51

Friend, foe or facilitator? The role of the parent-service provider relationship in the early implementation of a family-based community intervention Details     PDF
Judy Lovett, Eylin Palamaro Munsell, Kelly McNamara, Orla Doyle 52-72

How are we studying migrant well-being? A critical view from a liberating community psychology approach Details     PDF
Virginia Paloma, Manuel García-Ramírez, Carlos Camacho, Lucas Olmedo 73-86

Mindfulness: A critical perspective Details     PDF
Phil Arthington 87-104

Community psychology, happiness and the third industrial revolution Details     PDF
Patrizia Meringolo, Carlo Volpi 105-120

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