Volume 2, Issue 3 (2008)

Reports & Articles

Temporal and spatial dynamics of inherent and apparent optical properties in a shallow coastal lake (Fogliano Lagoon, Circeo National Park) Details     PDF
Luca Bracchini, Arduino Massimo Dattilo, Steven Arthur Loiselle, Antonio Tognazzi, Vincent Hull, Claudio Rossi 1-24

Thresholds of terrestrial nutrient loading for the development of eutrophication episodes in a coastal embayment in the Aegean Sea Details     PDF
George Tsirtsis, Sofie Spatharis, Angeliki Sampatakaki, Alexandra Spyropoulou 25-37

Planktonic communities as indicators of water quality in mangrove lagoons; a Jamaican case study Details     PDF
Primrose E. Campbell, M. Phil., Manning Janette A., Mona K. Webber, Dale F. Webber 39-63

Determination of biological characteristics of Artemia salina (crustacea: anostraca) population from Sabkhet Sijoumi (NE Tunisia) Details     PDF
Hachem Ben Naceur, Amel Ben Rejeb Jenhani, M’hamed El Cafsi, Mohamed Salah Romdhane 65-74

Hierarchical scaling of biodiversity in lagoon ecosystems Details     PDF
Alberto Basset, Maurizio Pinna, Letizia Sabetta, Enrico Barbone, Nicola Galuppo 75-86

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