Picoplanktonic cyanobacteria in different Adriatic brackish environments


1 - We investigated picoplanktonic cyanobacteria (PC) distribution related to some physical-chemical parameters (temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen) in seven transitional systems all along the Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea. 2 - PC mean abundances were generally more than one order of magnitude higher (>5x107 cells L-1) than those found in coastal and offshore waters of the Adriatic Sea. 3 - PC populations appeared well adapted to ample variations in salinity (5-87) and even oxygen concentrations close to hypoxia did not seem to negatively affect PC abundances. 4 - Because of their ability in adapting to extreme conditions, PC may become the prevailing fraction of the phototrophic plankton in these transitional systems like lagoons, marshes and solar salterns.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825229Xv1n3p13

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