Cell biovolume and surface area in phytoplankton of Mediterranean transitional water ecosystems: methodological aspects


1 - A series of experimental researches highlighted the role of morphometric parameters of phytoplankton guilds as descriptors of the ecological status of transitional water ecosystems (TWs).
2 - However, at present, standardized or common methodologies for their use do not exist. In this work, we develop a procedure for the determination of biovolume and surface area in phytoplankton guilds of Mediterranean TWs.
3 - Phytoplankton biovolume and surface area are included among the most studied morphometric descriptors. They can be estimated by associating the algae with similar geometric forms and determining the volume of these by measuring the linear dimensions required for its calculation under the light microscope.
4 - Here, a set of geometric models is suggested for calculating the cell biovolumes and surface area of 235 phytoplankton genera, deriving from the analysis of 869 phytoplankton species, found in transitional water ecosystems of the Mediterranean Ecoregion. The equations were designed to minimize the effort of microscopic measurements.
5 - The similarities and differences between the geometric models here proposed and previously published are discussed.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825229Xv7n2p100

Keywords: morphometric descriptors; cell biovolume; surface area; phytoplankton; transitional water ecosystems

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