Indifferenza, distanziamento e violenza nel pensiero di Georges Perec = Indifference, distancing and violence in the thought of Georges Perec


Starting with an analysis of Georges Perec's short story Un homme qui dort, the article aims to address three issues that interrogate our society: indifference, distancing and violence. Indifference, the focus of the short story, presented as a real alternative to nihilism. Distancing, by referring to the cultural context in which Perec wrote, allows us to understand Perec's attempt to keep himself distant from "fashionable ideologies" in the era in which certain currents of thought imposed themselves as true inescapable horizons. The reflection on violence will build on Perec's analysis of the Algerian War and will continue by highlighting the way some French intellectuals distanced themselves from the system of oppression imposed by colonial power dynamics.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXVIIn105p144

Keywords: Indifference; Experimental writing; Unconventionality; Violence; Perec

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