Sul cuore. L'analisi dell'affettività umana e divina di Dietrich von Hildebrand = On the heart. Dietrich von Hildebrand's analysis of human and divine affectivity


This paper examines D. von Hildebrand's view of the heart, as well as The Heart, published in 1965. It shows how the heart, without any pompous and sentimental vision, is the center of an intense affective activity, as important as the intellectual, for the lived knowledge of the values and goods that structure reality. It starts from the mystery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the noblest sign of human nature, to reach the tender affectivity, which implies knowing how to grasp the objective situation, and understand if there are authentic reasons for a particular behavior. To reach it, it is necessary to cross the Sacred Heart of Jesus where there is knowledge and wisdom.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXVIIn105p57

Keywords: Heart; affectivity; values; passions; Sacred Heart of Jesus

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