Una filosofia per l'età planetaria: Edgar Morin e il ruolo del soggetto nella formazione = A Philosophy for the Planetary age: Edgar Morin and the role of the Subject in Education


The intervention starts from an anti-Cartesian epistemological turn that took place in the 1900s. Compared to the classic separation of subject / object, over the course of the century of globalization, there has been a progressive introduction of the subject: in physics, biology, medicine, etc. Particularly in medicine, this entailed a reconsideration of the doctor-patient relationship, which led to a transformation of the "paternalistic relationship" into a relationship of "therapeutic alliance", but also to a "defensive attitude" towards the patient. Something similar, in our opinion, is happening with the introduction of the subject in teaching. This involves a changed relationship between teacher and learner and a reconsideration of the discipline, in particular of philosophy. The attempt is to understand which philosophy and which learning, in this changed context, is possible or desirable.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXVn101p72

Keywords: Cartesio; alleanza terapeutica; soggetto; formazione; Morin

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