Utopia in music and its influence on political beliefs


The aim of this article is to understand to which extent musicians rely on the imagination of the utopian/dystopian universe in 20th century popular music and how it politically influences the listeners. Firstly, we will explore the philosophical world in order to understand the link between music philosophy and utopia, secondly, we will investigate what is the political message behind these utopias and how they are musically expressed. Finally, we will try to understand how it could politically impact the listeners. We observe that this influence depends of the musical expression of utopian thought, if the musicians express the utopian universe in an "elusive" perspective the interpretation of the utopia will be different than a utopian universe presented in a "concrete" perspective.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXIVn98p92

Keywords: Music; Politics; Musical philosophy; Utopia; Dystopia; Belief

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