Rivelazioni ed epifanie: la tessitura immaginativa tra visibile e invisibile. Dalla voce del corpo all'immaginario = Revelations and epiphanies: imaginative weaving between visible and invisible. From the voice of the body to the imaginary


This article examines the intense connection that involves the Imaginary and the voice as body, a great absent of the western philosophical tradition. In a methodological perspective of hermeneutic excavation, firstly the complexity of the voice is investigated in the Hebrew and pre-metaphysical Hellenic traditions. Secondly, the world of poetry and the value of rhythm will be examined. The text essentially addresses an invitation to listen to the pure vocalic, to that voice that comes before the logos but which discloses ontological meanings containing the unsolved philosophical questions of Western culture. A voice that comes from layers of the past that the Imaginary is full of, and it is from this permanence in the progressive changing of the narratives that we need to recover the body too often set aside, but also to rediscover ourselves.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXIVn98p81

Keywords: voice; vocalic; body; imaginary; rhythm; poetry

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