Vol. 15, No. 1 (2022). Special Issue on: "Between rebellion and governance: violence, legitimacy, and control by armed groups in civil wars" & "Bridging Social Movement Studies between Global North and South"

SPECIAL ISSUE/1: "Between rebellion and governance: violence, legitimacy, and control by armed groups in civil wars"

Guest Editors: Siniša Malešević and Stefan Malthaner

SPECIAL ISSUE/2: "Bridging Social Movement Studies between Global North and South"

Guest Editors: Guya Accornero and Tommaso Gravante


Violence, Legitimacy, and Control: The Dynamics of Rebel Rule Details     PDF
Stefan Malthaner, Siniša Malešević 1-16

Special Issue/1

Rebel Governance as State-Building? Discussing the FARC-EP's Governance Practices in Southern Colombia Details     PDF
José A. Gutiérrez 17-36

Paramilitary Territorial Control and Patterns of Violence Against Civilians in Colombia: Disappearances in a Stable Paramilitary Fiefdom Details     PDF
Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín 37-54

No One Is Prophet in His Own Land? Hezbollah and the Transnational Constitution of Non-State Armed Organizations Details     PDF
Christian Olsson 55-71

Justice beyond the State Outer Margins: Contending Forms of Antifascist Violence and Judiciary Prractices in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and Liberation-France (1944-45) Details     PDF
José Luis Ledesma 72-87

Wheeling and Dealing in War: Smuggling, Stigma and Separatist Rebellions Details     PDF
Danilo Mandić 88-106

The Rules of Hijacking: Coercion and Legitimacy in the "Urban Statelets" of the IRA Details     PDF
Niall O'Dochartaigh 107-120

War's Everyday: Normalizing Violence and Legitimizing Power Details     PDF
Jutta Bakonyi 121-138

Jihadism & Governance in North-Syria: Comparing Islamism and Governance in Aleppo and Raqqa Details     PDF
Teije Hidde Donker 139-156

Between Coercion and Representation: Exploring Variation in Support Relations between Tamil Civilians and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Details     PDF
Larissa Daria Meier 157-174

Guerrillas and Social Movements. The Supportive Environment of the Salvadoran Armed Left During the Seventies Details     PDF
Alberto Martín Álvarez 175-192


Bridging social movement studies between Global North and Global South Details     PDF
Guya Accornero, Tommaso Gravante 193-202

Special Issue/2

Translating Protest: Networked Diasporas and Transnational Mobilisation in Ukraine’s Euromaidan Protests Details     PDF
Tetyana Lokot, Olga Boichak 203-222

The 18-O Chilean Uprising and the Making of Transnational Political identies Details     PDF
Francesca Messineo 223-239

Women’s Movements Against VAW and Feminicide: How Community-Based Feminisms Build Worlds Otherwise from the Periphery of Mexico City Details     PDF
María José Ventura Alfaro 240-256

World Politics and media framing: introducing the relevance of narratives in media outlet’s coverage about the Hong Kong protests Details     PDF
Silvia Menegazzi 257-273

Establishing Trustworthiness. Studying Leaders and Mobilisation in Two Social Movements in India Details     PDF
Miriam Wenner, Silva Lieberherr 274-289

Open Section

Where is Territorial Peace? Violence, Drug Trafficking and Territory: The Killings of Former Guerrilla Combatants and Social Leaders in Colombia (2016-2021) Details     PDF
Jerónimo Ríos 290-314

Book Reviews

Luca Ozzano. 2020. The Masks of the Political God: Religion and Political Parties in Contemporary Democracies. ECPR Press/Rowman & Littlefield. 259pp.s Details     PDF
Michael D. Driessen 315-322

Francis O'Connor (2021), Understanding Insurgency: Popular Support for the PKK in Turkey, UK: Cambridge University Press. Details     PDF
Michael M. Gunter 323-329

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