Vol 1, No 1 (2010)

EJASA: Decision Support Systems and Services Evaluation

Special Issue - IES2009

Giuseppe Boari, Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Luigi D'Ambra, Enrico Ciavolino 1

The role of simple component analysis in the context of the exploratory methods. An healthcare services evaluation Details     PDF
Gabriella Milone 2-15

The assessment of DIF on Rasch measures with an application to job satisfaction Details     PDF
Silvia Golia 16-25

Customer satisfaction within a large scale retail trading group: research design and control Details     PDF
Antonino Mario Oliveri, Franco Vaccina 26-41

Customer satisfaction and loyalty assessment by means structural equation models Details     PDF
Riccardo Di Nisio, Tonio Di Battista 42-53

Perceptions and satisfaction with dental healthcare: a case study Details     PDF
Paola Zuccolotto 54-65

Construction of the balanced scorecard by using structural equation models with latent variables Details     PDF
Giuseppe Boari, Gabriele Cantaluppi 66-78

Measuring Job and Patient Satisfaction in presence of missing values: a case study with Interval Imputation Details     PDF
Paola Zuccolotto 79-94

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