Vol 15, No 2 (2022)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (Special Issue: Inference and Sampling)

Inference and Sampling

Amer I. Al-Omari(a), Ahmad A. Hanandeh(b)

(a)Al al-Bayt University, Jordan
(b)Yarmouk University, Jordan

Recently, the need to solve real-world problems has increased the need for mathematics skills. Moreover, real-world problems are usually not determinate but are affected by random phenomenons. Therefore, the statistical modeling of environments often plays an important role in solving real-world applications mathematically. Due to the complexities of models, closed forms of solutions cannot usually be established. Therefore, computation and simulation technologies are needed. In this Special Issue, articles concerning mathematical or statistical modeling that require computation and simulation skills are presented.

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Special Issue - Inference and Sampling

Happiness among UAE undergraduates One year since COVID 19 Details     pdf
safwat Mohammad Saleh Al-Tal, Ahmed Ali Mesleh Alradaideh 277 - 289

Double acceptance sampling plan based on truncated life tests for two-parameter Xgamma distribution Details     pdf
Amer Ibrahim Al-Omari, Ghadah Alomani 290 - 299

Benrabia Distribution: Properties and Applications Details     pdf
Mohmamed Benrabia, Loai Mahmoud AlZoubi 300 - 317

Estimating and Updating a Linear Discriminant Function from the Mixture of Two One-Parameter Lindley Distributions Details     pdf
A. S Al-Moisheer 318 - 334

Robust regression type estimators to determine the population mean under simple and two-stage random sampling techniques Details     pdf
Nasir Ali, Ishfaq Ahmad, Usman Shahzad, Nadia H. Al – Noor, Muhammad Hanif 335 - 351

Acceptance Sampling Plans Using Hypergeometric Theory for Finite Population Under Q-Weibull Distribution Details     pdf
Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Baraa Yaser Alhroub 352 - 366

Statistical analysis of Gompertz distribution based on progressively type-II censored competing risk model with binomial removals Details     pdf
Fouzia B. Boulkeroua, Reem A. Al-Jarallah, Mohammad Z Raqab 367 - 398

An adaptive sampling and weighted ensemble of surrogate models for high dimensional global optimization problems Details     pdf
Adel Ayad Younis, Mohamed ElBadawy 399 - 420

Weighted Gharaibeh Distribution with Real Data Applications Details     pdf
Mohammad Mahmoud Gharaibeh 421 - 437

A New Unit Distribution: Properties, Inference, and Applications Details     pdf
Ahmed Z. Afify, Mazen Nassar, Devendra Kumar, Gauss M. Cordeiro 438 - 462

New double stage ranked set sampling for estimating the population mean Details     pdf
Ahmad Hanandeh, Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Amer I. Al-Omari 463 - 478

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