Vol 13, No 3 (2020)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (Special Issue: Work and Organizational Psychology)

Work and Organizational Psychology

Emanuela Ingusci(a), Margherita Brondino(b), Evangelia Demerouti(c) and Monica Molino(d)

(a)University of Salento, Lecce, Italy
(b)University of of Verona, Italy
(c)Eindhoven Technology University, Netherlands
(d)University of Turin, Italy

The present special issue deals with some interesting topics related to Work and Organizational Psychology and it is inspired by the healthy workplaces issue, main theme of the 17th Congress of Italian Association of Psychologist, held in Lecce in 2019, called “The future of work, the work of future: the psychology to innovate, transform and develop in the organizations”. Healthy workplaces encourage and support physical and psychological health and well-being of employees. Moreover, a healthy organization focuses not only on a successful business but also on a positive connection between organizational profitability and workers’ well-being. This perspective incorporates four different levels of analysis: individual, group, organizational and inter- organizational, thus defining a systemic vision of work. Theoretical frame- works such as the Job Demands-Resources Model integrate these perspectives and can be used to strengthen the systemic vision of work. The Special Issue aims at deepening the knowledge about those factors related to work and well-being under a positive psychology perspective.

E. Ingusci, M. Brondino, E. Demerouti, M. Molino (Guest Editors of EJASA)

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Special Issue WOP2019

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