Vol 11, No 2 (2018)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Longevity risk: a methodology for assessing in a Solvency II perspective. Details     pdf
Giovanna Di Lorenzo, Massimo Politano 369 - 384

Accounting for Cost of Pollution Damages on Wealth’s Elements Details     pdf
Attiea Marie 385 - 396

Acceptance Sampling Plans Based on Truncated Life Tests in the Inverse-Gamma Model Details     pdf
Abedel-Qader Al-Masri 397 - 404

Predicting Total Shipping and Clearance Time for Al-Ghanim Sahara Transportation Details     pdf
Ahmed Bani-Mustafa, Sondos Abuorf, Raghdah AL-Jumlah, Manar Al-Mutair, Hajar Kattan, Hajar AL-Muzaiel, Ali Al Mazari, Abdulwahed Khalfan, Najmuddin Patwa 405 - 426

Modelling Subjective Well-Being dimensions through an IRT bifactor model: Evidences from an Italian study Details     pdf
Cristina Bernini, Mariagiulia Matteucci, Stefania Mignani 427 - 446

A note on depth-based classification of circular data Details     pdf
Giuseppe Pandolfo, Antonio D'Ambrosio, Giovanni Camillo Porzio 447 - 462

Bivariate Modified Weibull Distribution Derived From Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern Copula: a Simulation Study Details     pdf
Marcos Vinicius de Oliveira Peres, Jorge Alberto Achcar, Edson Zangiacomi Martinez 463 - 488

Using Markov-Switching models in Italian, British, U.S. and Mexican equity portfolios: a performance test Details     pdf
Oscar V De la Torre, Evaristo Galeana-Figueroa, José Alvarez-García 489 - 505

Proposed methods in estimating the ridge regression parameter in Poisson regression model Details     pdf
Zakariya Yahya Algamal, Mazin M. Alanaz 506 - 515

PLS Path Modeling for Causal Detection of Project Management Skills: a research field in National Research Council in Italy Details     pdf
Massimo Aria, Guido Capaldo, Carmela Iorio, Ciro Ivan Orefice, Maria Riccardi, Roberta Siciliano 516 - 545

Bivariate Normal-Power Series Class of Distributions: Model, Properties and Applications Details     pdf
Eisa Mahmoudi, Hamed Mahmoodian, Ashkan Khalifeh 546 - 576

A hybrid method combining the PLS and the Bayesian approaches to estimate the Structural Equation Models Details     pdf
Ahmed Quazza, Rhomari Noureddine, Zarrouk Zoubir 577 - 607

On the estimation of population variance using auxiliary attribute in absence and presence of non-response Details     pdf
Usman Shahzad, Muhammad Hanif, Nursel Koyuncu, Aamir Sanaullah 608 - 621

Approximate Posterior Inference for Multiple Testing using a Hierarchical Mixed-effect Poisson Regression Model Details     pdf
Alejandro Murua, Annick Nembot-Simo 622 - 654

Bivariate Basu-Dhar geometric model for survival data with a cure fraction Details     pdf
Edson Zangiacomi Martinez, Jorge Alberto Achcar, Tatiana Reis Icuma 655 - 673

An Enhanced Fuzzy K-means Clustering with Application to Missing Data Imputation Details     pdf
Hazem Migdady, Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Talib 674 - 686

Bayesian Estimation of the Weibull Parameters Based on Competing Risks Grouped Data Details     pdf
Hatim Solayman Migdadi, Mohammad Hani Almomani, Moustafa Omar Abu-Shawiesh 687 - 706

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