Vol 10, No 3 (2017)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (Special Issue STATISTICS IN SPORTS)


(Project BDSports (Big Data Analytics in Sports) bodai.unibs.it/BDSports)

Paola Zuccolotto(1), Marica Manisera(1), and Ron Kenett(2)
(1)Big & Open Data Innovation Laboratory (BODaI-Lab), University of Brescia (Italy)
(2)KPA Ltd and Neaman Institute, Technion (Israel) - University of Turin (Italy)

This Special Issue has been promoted by BDSports (Big Data Analytics in Sports), a project developed as part of the activities of the Big & Open Data Innovation Laboratory of the University of Brescia, born in 2016 thanks to the financial support of Fondazione Cariplo and Regione Lombardia.

BDSports is designed to set up a unique collaboration of experts interested in sport analytics both from a scientific and a practical point of view. The goal is to create a network able to facilitate contacts and joint research initiatives. Specifically, the project aims to organise events, carry out Special Issues in scientific journals, share ideas and data in order to publish scientific and non-scientific papers, collaborate with teams in various sports by supplying them analytics and apply for research grants. The data scientists expertise covers a wide range of quantitative tools in the fields of statistical modelling, multivariate data analysis, data mining, algorithmic modelling and machine learning.

Paola Zuccolotto, Marica Manisera, Ron Kenett (Guest Editors of EJASA)

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Modelling Penalty Cards in Football with Applications Details     pdf
Emilio Gónez-Déniz, Nancy Dávila-Cárdenes 629 - 653

Modelling Football Data Using a GQL Algorithm based on Higher Ordered Covariances. Details     pdf
Naushad Mamode Khan, Yuvraj Sunecher, Vandna Jowaheer 654 - 665

On the credibility of basketball scoring efficiency Details     pdf
Antonio Ángel Pulgarín García, José Pablo Arias-Nicolás, Héctor Valentín Jiménez-Naranjo 666 - 676

The effect of uncertainty on the assessment of individual performance: empirical evidence from professional soccer Details     pdf
Fabio Fin, Maria Iannario, Domenico Piccolo, Rosaria Simone 677 - 692

A new markovian model for tennis matches Details     pdf
Andrea Carrari, Marco Ferrante, Giovanni Fonseca 693 - 711

Role revolution: towards a new meaning of positions in basketball Details     pdf
Federico Bianchi, Tullio Facchinetti, Paola Zuccolotto 712 - 734

Is There a Bye Week Advantage in College Football? Details     pdf
Eric B Howington, K. Nathan Moates 735 - 744

Devising a fairer method for adjusting target scores in interrupted one-day international cricket Details     pdf
Jack Hogan, Edward Cohen, Niall Adams 745 - 758

Regular point scoring by professional basketball players Details     pdf
Manuel Ruiz Marin, Fernando Lopez, Jose Antonio Martinez, Martí Casals 759 - 772

Measuring the efficiency of Russian Football Premier League clubs Details     pdf
Yuri Zelenkov, Ilya Solntsev 773 - 789

Tennis betting: can statistics beat bookmakers? Details     pdf
Francesco Lisi 790 - 808

Spatio-Temporal Movements in Team Sports: A Visualization approach using Motion Charts Details     pdf
Rodolfo Metulini 809 - 831

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