Vol 9, No 1 (2016)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Employability as mediator in the relationship between the meaning of working and job search behaviours during unemployment Details     pdf
Emanuela Ingusci, Amelia Manuti, Antonino Callea 1 - 16

Testing the Equality of Two Parametric Quantile Regression Curves : The Application for Comparing Two Data Sets Details     pdf
Unchalee Tonggumnead 17 -39

Inter-industry financial ratio comparison with application to Japanese and Chinese firms Details     pdf
Marco Marozzi 40 - 57

Estimation of Correlation between Various Types of Pixel Intensities in a Single Spot Details     pdf
Kalesh M Karun 58 - 67

The Lawrence-Lewis Pareto process: an extremal approach Details     pdf
Marta Ferreira 68 - 82

A technical note on periodic inventory model with controllable lead time under service level constraint Details     pdf
Chandra K Jaggi, Haider Ali, Neetu Arneja 83 - 94

Normalization of gene expression data using support vector machine approach Details     pdf
Sandip Shil, Kishore K. Das, Ananta Sarkar 95 - 110

A Robust Dispersion Control Chart based on Modified Trimmed Standard Deviation Details     pdf
M. R. Sindhumol, M. R. Srinivasan, Michele Gallo 111 - 121

A comparison of missing data handling methods in linear structural relationship model: evidence from BDHS2007 data Details     pdf
A.S.M.A. Mamun, Y. Z. Zubairi, A. G. Hussin, Sohel Rana 122 - 133

Dimensionality reduction by clustering of variables while setting aside atypical variables Details     pdf
Evelyne Vigneau 134 - 153

Reliability Estimation For The Generalised Inverted Rayleigh Distribution Details     pdf
Kiran Ganpati Potdar 154 - 168

The Dagum-Poisson Distribution: Model, Properties and Application Details     pdf
Broderick O Oluyede, Galelhakanelwe Motsewabagale, Shujiao Huang, Gayan Warahena-Liyanage, Mavis Pararai 169 - 197

A Novel Optimization Procedure in WRBNN for Time Series Forecasting Details     pdf
Santoso Rukun 198 - 212

A new count data model with Application in Genetics and Ecology Details     pdf
Adil Rashid 213 - 226

Inference for exponential parameter under progressive Type-II censoring from imprecise lifetime Details     pdf
Abbas Pak, Omid Chatrabgoun 227 - 245

Dependence modeling using EVT and D-Vine Details     pdf
Regina Baby Sesay 246 - 266

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