Vol 7, No 2 (2014)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Modeling the price of trends of teak wood using statistical and artificial neural network techniques Details     pdf
Muniandy Sivaram 180 - 198

Heteroscedasticity in survey data and model selection based on weighted Schwarz bayesian information criteria Details     pdf
David Sam Jayakumar, Sulthan A 199 - 217

A stochastic frontier model based on Rayleigh distribution Details     pdf
Rosario Oliviero 218 - 227

Reliability estimation of k-unit series system based on progressiverly censored data Details     pdf
Kiran Ganpati Potdar, D. T. Shirke 228 - 253

Comparing two mean humidity curves using functiona t-tests: Turkey Case Details     pdf
Istem Koymen Keser 254 - 278

Testing the difference between two sets of data using comparison two linear regression functions Details     pdf
Unchalee Tonggumnead 279 - 291

Joint modeling of longitudinal CD4 cell counts and time-to-default from HAART treatment: a comparison of separate and joint models Details     pdf
Awol Seid, Muluye Getie, Belay Birlie, Yehenew Getachew 292 - 314

Kernel estimation of the regression mode for fixed design model Details     pdf
Raid B. Salha 315 - 325

Bayesian analysis of randomly censored Burr type XII distribution under different loss functions Details     pdf
Muhammad Yameen Danish, Muhammad Aslam 326 - 342

A note on ridge regression modeling techniques Details     pdf
Waheed Babatunde Yahya, Julius Babatunde Olaifa 343 - 361

Efficiency of heterosceastic linear model Details     pdf
Oloyede Isiaka, Ipinyomi R.A, Iyaniwura J.O 362 - 374

Shift point Bayes estimation under Weibull failure model Details     pdf
Gyan Prakash 375 - 393

Interconvertible rules between an aggregative index and a log-change index Details     pdf
Shu Tsuchida 394 - 416

Examining a weight reallocation method for small area estimation of poverty Details     pdf
Arturo Martinez 417 - 431

Short Note

A simple and conservative empirical likelihood function Details     pdf
Guthrie Miller 432 - 437

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