Vol 4, No 1 (2011)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis. (With papers inspired by the Conference "Innovation & Society 2009")

Special Issue - IES2009

A graphical tool to compare groups of subjects on categorical variables Details     PDF
Marica Manisera 1-22

Exploring the facets of overall job satisfaction through a novel ensemble learning Details     PDF
Marika Vezzoli 23-38

Original Paper

The joint asymptotic normality of the conditional quantiles Details     PDF
Raid B. Salha 39-55

Estimation of Modified Measure of Skewness Details     PDF
Elsayed Ali Habib 56-70

Geometric programming approach to optimum allocation in multivariate two-stage sampling design Details     PDF
Showkat Maqbool, Abdul Hamid Mir, Shakeel Ahmad Mir 71-82

Dynamic Relationships in Meat Market Details     PDF
Ferhat Selli, Ahmet Bayaner, Yilmaz Akdi, Afsin Sahin 83-90

An Assessment of Automobile Emissions in Irbid, Northwest Jordan Details     PDF
Talal Mohammad Al Momani, Ahmad A Altaani, Amjad D Al Nasser, NAZEM M El-Radaideh 91-102


Review of the book titled “Information and Complexity in Statistical Modeling” by Jorma Rissanen, published by Springer, N. Y., 2007 Details     PDF
Soubhik Chakraborty 103-105

Short Note

Excessive efficiency in statistical interpolation due to too many constraints Details     PDF
Steven C. Gustafson, Adam C. Hillier 106-110

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