The Effect of a Training Program Based on Religious Psychological Counseling in Reducing the Level of Psychological Stress among Mothers of Children with Disabilities in Light of Some Variables (Within the Corona pandemic)


This study aimed to identify the effect of a training program based on religious and psychological counseling in reducing the level of psychological stress among mothers of children with disabilities (within the Corona pandemic), as well as the relationship of the level of stress with some variables: gender, type of disability, educational qualification of the mother, the number of other children in the family, and the presence of other disabilities. The study sample consisted of (18) women from the Al-Amal Association for People with Special Needs between 3 and 5/2021. The researchers used a scale of the level of psychological stress, which has appropriate validity and reliability. The valid program was applied. The arithmetic averages of the stress level were found. T-test and one-way analysis of variance was used in the statistical analysis process. The results indicated that the level of psychological stress among mothers of disabled children was moderate, and it was the highest on the cognitive dimension, then the psychological, then the material, and that there is a positive effect of the program in reducing the level of pressure. There are no statistically significant differences due to the variables.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v15n3p660

Keywords: A Training Program; Religious Psychological Counseling; Psychological Stress; Mothers of Children with Disabilities; Corona Pandemic



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