Dynamic profiling through repeated surveys: a customer satisfaction study


Customer Satisfaction management has been long studied as a cross-sectional phenomenon. Today, a shift in emphasis from a static to a dynamic approach appears to be a worthwhile change, although the design and monitoring of panel data is not simple to achieve. In our paper, we propose the usage of pseudo panels, which are less costly and easy to build with the available data for the firms. Our approach is based on a model-free technique: Dual Multi- ple Factor Analysis. The synthesis of the multivariate table is visualised on a common space that sheds light on customers’ trajectories of satisfaction. A real case study of an Italian bank is illustrated. Results related to the dynamic profiling of the clients highlights highly different behaviours that warn the management of the future trends of the services.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v11n1p1

Keywords: Customers Profiling; Customer Satisfaction Surveys; Banking Service; Dual Multiple Factor; Pseudo-Panels

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