Vol 6, No 2/1 (2020)

Community Psychology in Global Perspective

CPGP - Covere-ISSN: 2421-2113
Editor in chief

Terri Mannarini (University of Salento, Italy)


Caterina Arcidiacono (University of Naples Federico II, Italy), Anne E. Brodsky (University of Maryland Baltimore County, United States), Christopher Sonn (Victoria University, Australia)

Assistant Editors

Serena Verbena (University of Salento, Italy)

Enablers and inhibitors associated with the willingness to participate in child safety initiatives Details     PDF
Ghouwa Ismail, Ashley Van Niekerk 1-19

An experience of action research in Arab-Israeli schools Details     PDF
Mahmud Said, Jamal Dakduki, Francesco Paolo Colucci 20-37

Social exclusion among urban ethnic minority youth in the Northeast United States: A reflective view on community supportive structures Details     PDF
Diana Cedeño, Carrie Bergeson, David T. Lardier, Bradley Forenza, Robert J. Reid, Pauline Garcia-Reid 38-55

Perceived procedural justice, group identification, and support for economic equality: a test of the Group Engagement Model Details     PDF
Matilde Tassinari, Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti 56-75

A qualitative evidence synthesis of refugee patients’ and professionals’ perspectives on mental health support Details     PDF
Gesa Solveig Duden, Lucienne Martins-Borges, Malena Rassmann, Ulrike Kluge, Thiago Guedes Willecke, Josef Rogner 76-100

Resilience factors in women of refugee background: A qualitative systematic review Details     PDF
Clare Hawkes, Kimberley Norris, Janine Joyce, Douglas Paton 101-127

Towards a community clinical psychology? Insights from a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature Details     PSF
Andrea Caputo, Agnese Giacchetta, Viviana Langher, Manuela Tomai 128-143

Troubling history and diversity: Disciplinary decadence in community psychology Details     PDF
Nick Malherbe, Sipho Dlamini 144-157

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