Taxanomic benthic biotic indices in transitional waters: study cases from northern Adriatic and Black Sea


1 - Four taxonomic benthic biotic indices (AMBI, BENTIX, Engle’s and Paul’s B-IBIs) were used to analyse benthic assemblages in two transitional water ecosystems: Pialassa Baiona, northern Adriatic Sea, and Varna lake, Black Sea. 2 - The environmental quality assessments provided by the different indices is not consistent with the patterns of environmental quality of the investigated sites. Moreover, these indices provide ambiguous information on effects of sea-land gradient and/or anthropogenic disturbance on transitional ecosystems. 3 - In transitional waters, ecological classification based on biotic indices requires an adjustment for the reference conditions, environmental features and habitat typologies.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825229Xv1n3p29

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