A contribution to Cumulative Effects Assessment for regional sustainable development - the case of Panagiouda-Pamfilla bay, Lesvos Island, Greece


1 - Environmental management is based on the environmental response to cumulative stress. We identified and evaluated cumulative impacts arising from 11 small-size commercial/processing/industrial units at the 92.9 km2 catchment of Panagiouda-Pamfilla bay, Lesvos Island, North East Aegean, Greece, by devising a methodology suitable in the case of lack of data on actual impacts.
2 - Our methodology consisted of the following steps: definition of spatial boundaries; development of an environmental baseline; scoping of key industrial units, environmental receptors and valued environmental components for cumulative impacts; construction of a conceptual framework of cumulative environmental change that links causes, pathways and results of change on environmental receptors and valued environmental components; assessment of the likelihood and significance of impacts on valued environmental components; and recommendations on management practices.
3 - Significant impacts are likely to have accumulated at the studied region on the environmental receptors of ground, air, water, fauna, common utility, aesthetics, recreation, and cultural heritage. Disposal of wastes, water consumption and air pollution are of immediate priority for the environmental management of the studied region.
4 - The proposed methodology for the analysis, evaluation and management of cumulative impacts at the watershed level is generic, systematic, straightforward, flexible, holistic, and synthetic. It’s rather qualitative nature may make it particularly useful within the context of regional development planning when there is no data on actual impacts. However, it requires Geographic Information System expertise and is based on expert/professional judgment.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825229Xv8n1p53

Keywords: assessment tool of interactions of human activities; significance and certainty of impacts; system diagrams; environmental receptors; valued environmental components; expert judgment

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