Ecosystem services assessment of the Nemunas River delta


1 - The concept of ecosystem services recognizes the services, and benefits, provided to people by ecosystems.

2 - The Nemunas River Delta, in Lithuania, provides many ecosystem services to the people of the area, including food, fuel, transportation, climate regulation, water purification, natural hazards regulation, fishing, and recreation (including birdwatching and cultural benefits).

3 - We conducted a meta-analysis of existing studies done on the region to create a conceptual model for the services, using the DPSIR framework (Drivers→Pressures→State →Impact →Response). This approach allowed us to identify trade-offs between services, and synergies, where services respond similarly to pressures.

4 - This work contributes to the understanding of services in transitional waters, where few studies have been conducted, and provides a framework for future decisions and modeling efforts.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825229Xv5n1p75

Keywords: Ecosystem Services; Fishing; Deltas; Wetlands; Birding; Recreation

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