Preliminary approach of bioremediation through the booster of adult ripe stock of the sand smelt in the Lesina lagoon


<>1-Atherina boyeri (Risso, 1810) is a small, eurhyaline atherinid fish common widespread in Lesina lagoon, nevertheless water eutrophication and over-fishing directly and indirectly affect this species
2-This study aims to propose the better strategies to increase the reproductive stocks of sand smelt in order to carry out a bioremediation process recovering its key trophic role in the Lesina lagoon
3-The sand smelt stocks in the lagoon, according to the recent scientific findings, could be considered a triggering tool to manage the excessive nutrient load in transition environments, which is at the base of aquatic trophic web, as well as to fight the mismanagement of fishing due to fishermen abuse.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825229Xv3n3p24

Keywords: Lesina Lagoon; Adriatic Sea; Bioremediation; Adult Ripe Stock; Booster

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